Russia and Belarus will launch a unified air defense system management


Until the end of the year Russia and Belarus should start digital control system of the Unified Air Defense System of the two countries. According to the "News" a senior source in the General Staff, access to the system will have both Russian and Belarusian military. Antiaircraft arm the group with the S-400 air defense systems of small and medium-range missiles, as well as by means of electronic intelligence (perhaps the station "Voronezh DM").

— Management group will be under the unified leadership in automated mode. This was made possible as a result of extensive work by pairing existing armed with anti-aircraft missiles and radar troops of the armed forces of both countries, automation systems, as well as the organization of close cooperation, — said the representative of the General Staff.

He added that the decision on the application will be made by means of air defense command post so that first finds of enemy weapons (mainly missiles). "At the time of the coordination of actions will not" — said the "Izvestia".

In Belarus, there will be two such command posts, in Russia — a few more. They will manage all the forces and air defenses, located on the territory of Belarus and the Western Military District of Russia. At the same time, according to the calculations of the General Staff, to cover Russia by U.S. cruise missiles from the west to at least 16 battalions of S-400.

According to the source, "Izvestia", the architecture of the control system air defense Russia and Belarus has been developed in a research institute, located in the city of Tver. The system itself is based on a closed operating system WSWS adopted for service in the Russian Defense Ministry in 2002. This solution is compatible systems at the program level.

Last week, after a joint military college in Minsk, Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov promised that the anti-aircraft weapons will be available on favorable terms. Then it became known that in Belarus began to receive new air defense systems "Tor-M2". However, according to "Izvestia", no clear decision by the board was not accepted, only framework agreement.

— The single regional air defense system of Russia and Belarus will be an important element of the regional grouping, as well as part of the Joint Air Defense System of CIS countries. The system will successfully address the issues of joint protection of borders of the western air and provide control over the order of use of airspace, — said the representative of the General Staff.

Testing of the Unified Regional System (ERS) defense was held during the events of operational and combat training, including joint exercises in the armed forces of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation "Union Shield 2009" and "Union Shield 2011", during which Belarus and Russian military units from the EPC defense showed a high level of interaction during joint operations, and confirmed their readiness to effectively reflect the air strikes.

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