Russia and China have started to exercise Sea interaction 2013 in Peter the Great Bay


Large-scale exercises of the navies of Russia and China with the participation of warships, support vessels and aircraft began in Peter the Great Bay near Vladivostok. 

In the Sea of Japan, large-scale military exercises fleets of Russia and China, ITAR-TASS reported. The exercise, codenamed "Sea interaction 2013" was attended by about 20 ships and auxiliary vessels of different classes, more than 10 aircraft and helicopters.

The Chinese fleet — destroyers "Shenyang", "Shijiazhuang", "Wuhan" and "Lanzhou", frigate "Yantai" and "Yancheng", as well as a comprehensive supply ship "Hundzhu." The rest of the ships assigned to the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Federation.

Legend exercise provides relief seamen of the two countries ship captured by pirates. In addition, they will conduct a rescue operation at the emergency vehicle. In addition, during the exercise to work out issues practically escorting ships and replenishment at sea, as well as the joint organization of anti-submarine, anti-aircraft and antiship defense. The Mariners will also hold fire on surface and air targets. Completed teaching marine parade and summarizing.

The active phase of the maneuvers will last until July 10.

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