Russia and Finland have reduced stocks of Baltic salmon

In the cross-border rivers released 14,000 cultured fry.

In Finland, 10-11 May 2012 a meeting of the steering group of the Russian-Finnish environmental project RIFCI «Rivers and fisheries — our common interests — Rivers and Fish — Our Common Interest». The purpose of the project — the creation by 2014 of transboundary rivers of living conditions, well-to restore populations of species of salmon and increase their numbers.

At the working meeting in the river Seleznevka 4000 was released artificially podroschennaya young salmon, half of which are marked with special chips. On each chip has a telephone and e-mail address where it is desirable to capture the information in the case of an individual, "- according to the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources. Earlier in accordance with the work program of the project in the Russian part was issued more than 10,000 individuals of salmon in the river Gladyshevka. In this 2000 fingerlings were also labeled chips.

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