Russia and France held military exercises in the Barents Sea

On Monday, in the Barents Sea with the joint Russian-French naval exercise "Passeks." This is the official representative of the Northern Fleet Captain 2nd Rank Evgeny Kirillov.
In the maneuvers involved a large landing ship of the Northern Fleet, "Alexander Otrakovsky" and the French Navy frigate "De Grasse".
"The main goal for both parties is to develop interoperability ships naval powers for the coherence of joint action in crisis areas of the world ocean," — said Kirillov.
According to him, the ships have completed the task to repel attacks speedboats had a fire at surface targets, carried out joint maneuvers, training in communication, data exchange on the situation in the area of teaching.
"The most difficult part was the episode of joint exercises to test the transfer of goods on the move during the execution of which the ships being on parallel courses, fulfilled the convergence of the distance of 50 meters from each other," — said the representative of the Federation Council.
Manual exercise was carried out alternately with Russian and French command. Episode of shooting small surface targets led the French side. Russian marines first to successfully hit all the targets that are set by a French ship, the large-caliber machine guns "cliff" Kalashnikovs and machine guns.
Equally interesting was the episode, which was attended by the ship's helicopters Russia and France. From the deck of the frigate "De Grasse" in the air rose helicopter "Sea Lynx". Northern Fleet naval aviation was represented by helicopter Ka-27 PS. The Russian and French pilots held training on the evacuation of non-stop from both ships' crew member injured "in need of emergency medical care.
After completion of the exercise of the French Navy frigate "De Grasse" out of Russian territorial waters and headed into the Baltic Sea, where it soon crew to take part in international exercises "FRUKUS-2012."
Joint naval maneuvers in the Barents Sea was the final stage of the business approach of French frigates to Severomorsk — the main base of the Northern Fleet. Visit the frigate "De Grasse" was held from June 11 to 15 in the development of international military cooperation between the Russian Navy and the French Navy.
Previous teaching "Passeks" with the French Navy was carried out in 2010. Then it was involved heavy nuclear missile cruiser "Peter the Great".

Fotograffii technology: BDK Alexander Otrakovsky

Frigate "De Grasse"

helicopter "Sea Lynx"

Ka-27 PS

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