Russia and France signed an agreement on joint development of satellites

The Russian company "Information Satellite Systems" (ISS) has signed with the French company Thales Alenia Space (TAS) agreement to establish a joint venture for the development and manufacture of satellite systems.
As informs "Interfax", the agreement was signed in the Kremlin following talks between the presidents of Russia and France — Vladimir Putin and Francois Hollande.

Another agreement — sharing technology — signed in the Kremlin, the Russian Rocket and Space Corporation (RSC) "Energy" and the French Astrium (daughter of EADS-Astrium). In 2011, the parties signed an agreement on strategic partnership, and then agreed to establish a joint venture for the production of advanced satellite communications and remote sensing satellites. The constituent documents to establish the joint venture parties signed in December 2012.

According to the head "IRS" Nicholas Testoedova, the joint venture will allow to realize any projects. "His main goal is not to sell, on a Russian or foreign markets, and manufacturing in Russia of the components of the payload, which are now in our country are not made. This is not unselfish help from the West. We have a normal equity financial participation" — said Testoedov .

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