Russia and Serbia signed a gas supply agreement

Russia and Serbia in Belgrade on Wednesday signed a long-term agreement on Russian gas supplies. The agreement provides for the security of supply to 2021 g. including the price of 13% below the current one.

The agreement was concluded between "Gazprom", now — middle "Yugorosgaz" and "Srbijagas". "Serbia under the contract will guarantee gas supplies to 2021 inclusive, at a preferential price — 13% below the current" — said the head of "Gazprom" Alexey Miller.

Russia intends to supply 1.5 billion cubic Serbia. meters of gas per year. Assistant to the Minister of Energy of Serbia Petar Stanojevic said earlier that Belgrade in 2013, plans to buy Russian gas at a price of about $ 370 per 1 thousand cubic meters. m  

In 2012, Russia and Serbia signed a framework agreement on long-term supplies of Russian gas to the amount of up to 5 billion cubic meters. m per year. Serbia annually consumes 2.5 billion cubic meters. meters of gas, including 500 million cubic meters. m from its own reserves.

In January 2008 between Russia and Serbia signed an intergovernmental agreement on the project "South Stream".

In October 2009, "Gazprom export", "Gazprom Germania GmbH" and "Srbijagas" signed a joint venture agreement "Banat yard." In November 2009, a joint project company South Stream Serbia AG. The share of "Gazprom" in the company is 51%, the proportion of "Srbijagas" — 49%.

"Banatski Dvor" was commissioned Nov. 21, 2011 Underground storage is one of the largest in Europe, it can store 450 million cubic meters. meters of gas, the maximum capacity for the selection of five million cubic meters. meters of gas per day. "Banat yard" can be expanded in the future, the repository provides additional reliability of Russian gas exports to Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The final investment decision on the project "South Stream" accepted October 29, 2012 at the general meeting of shareholders of South Stream Serbia AG.

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