Russia and Ukraine, along with Brazil — in the forefront of agricultural production

01.02.2013 (20:17)

In Brazil has the world's most dynamic development of the agricultural sector. By 2019, growth in the industry is 40%, compared with the period 2007-2009. The agricultural forefront — as Russia and Ukraine. This is stated in the report of the UN Secretary General, "Agricultural development and food security."

…. The report was the focus of the delegates of the Second Committee of the UN General Assembly. It is reported that in Russia and Ukraine, the growth of agricultural products in 2019 will reach 26% and 29%, subject to the support of the sector by governments.

During the same period, the growth of production in the United States and Canada is projected in the range of 10-15%. But the net amount of agricultural products in 27 countries — members of the European Union in 2019 will grow by less than 4%.

The report states that in Western Europe is stagnating food production. His appetite countries in the region have increasingly met through imports.

From the point of view of food production per capita the highest growth rate demonstrates Eastern Europe.…NewsID=14493 #. UQwFhB19L5M 

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