Russia began testing the German-Dutch armored vehicles

Specialists of Russian armored service conducted tests of two multi-purpose armored vehicles Boxer GTK German-Dutch design, reports "Interfax" referring to a source in the military and diplomatic circles. Machines are tested for suitability to Russian conditions, upon completion of inspections Boxer GTK can be recommended to the adoption of the Land Forces of Russia.

 If a decision is made about the production Boxer GTK on weapons will be deployed in the country licensed production of the machine. In the tests carried out an assessment of combat and operational qualities of wheeled armored personnel carrier. The completion of the test program is planned for the near future. Assembly production Boxer can be deployed in a joint venture in Russia. The extent of the proposed localization is still unknown.

Boxer armored personnel carrier with the wheel formula 8×8 capable of carrying 11 people, including three members of the crew. Dropping made through the stern ramp. Machine weight is 32 tons with a length 7.9 m, width of 2.99 meters and height — 2.4 meters. Armored personnel carrier capable of speeds up to 103 kilometers per hour, and the stock of its course is 1,100 kilometers. Lift capacity of eight tons, and fording depth — 0.8 meters.

In July 2012 it was reported that Russian Defense Ministry intends to equip all secondary Brigade of the Armed Forces military equipment, established on the basis of a single heavy wheeled platform. Later, Commander of Land Forces Vladimir Chirkin said that the issue of transition to wheeled vehicles currently being studied Russian military department. 


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