Russia buys the rights to Ukrainian An-140t

As it turned out later — reports are false.

Decided to leave this hanging pounce on a ventilator for generations to come. "News" rule. From there, you can not take anything at all. Not even look there is :). I will also science.

Samara Aviation Plant "Aviacor" has signed an agreement with the Ukrainian State Concern "Antonov" on the transfer of intellectual property on the An-140 ° C and An-140t. This model of the passenger transport aircraft An-140-100, which "Aviacor" produces for the Defense Ministry.

According to "Izvestia" a source in the defense industry, who participated in the signing of documents, this contract will allow the Russian Air Force to buy the An-140 is not the Ukrainians and the Russian company. In this case, the military will not depend on the political situation. 

— Before signing the Russian Air Force could not build a fleet of foreign, in fact, aircraft. And now, the opportunity was because the aircraft will be entirely Russian, — said the "Izvestia".

As explained by the publication Aviation expert Anton Lavrov, the deal was unprecedented for the Russian aircraft industry.

— In the world it is a common practice, the same Chinese bought all the rights to jointly developed with CB "Antonov" medium-haul passenger aircraft ARJ-21. But in Russia similar deals with foreign companies, especially with the purchase of the rights to the "plane turnkey", taking place for the first time — said Lavrov.

An-140C — model airplane with great transport hatch, and the An-140t is equipped with a ramp (descending cargo door at the rear of the plane), which is needed for the landing of goods and technology. At the talks, held in Samara, 11 February 2013, signed a protocol governing the organization of work on the creation of these machines.

— Factory "Aviacor" allocates the necessary resources to complete the development and production of the An-140t. After that, CB "Antonov" transfers "AVIAKOR" all the resulting intellectual property work. The plane gets an additional certificate IAC and Samara plant begins its series production — said the representative of the defense industry.

According to him, after the release of An-140t "Aviacor" gets right to the author of aircraft maintenance, renewal of resources and changes to the design without CB "Antonov". The contract price is several hundred million dollars, the exact amount of the source "News" is not named, citing commercial confidentiality.

A spokesman for machine-building holding "Russian Machines", which includes the plant "Aviacor" Catherine Pankov confirmed the "News" reached an agreement, but declined to comment.

— In agreement with our partners, we are not commenting on this subject, — added the Pankov.

In KB "Antonov" "News" confirmed the source of the order called the transaction amount, but explained that the final price of the rights of the An-140 has not yet been approved.

— The amount of the transaction and its terms are not spelled out. The following talks will be held in May this year — said the CB "Antonov".

In the Russian edition of the Air Force explained that with the purchase of rights to An-140t "Aviacor" is trying to win an order for a light military transport aircraft, which will replace the outdated Air Force Antonov An-24 and An-26, which the military has about 300.

— We refused procurement of passenger aircraft An-140, because in order to address the shortcomings identified in the course of its operation, "AVIAKOR" had to refer to the KB "Antonov" as the owner of copyright and author's supervision. Only after the Ukrainians gave good, "Aviacor" to change the design. Some defects, such as on-board equipment is not eliminated yet. We have such a long procedure does not suit — told Glavkomat Air Force officer.

According to the source, the need for a light cargo plane is very high, not only in the Air Force, but the whole Ministry of Defense.

— We now have two options for replacing the old An-24 and An-26 — this is the An-140t and IL-112V. Il-112V is only on paper, but it is made by a Russian company "Ilyushin". An A-140, though without ramps, but already in the gland. Therefore, thanks to the redemption rights of the An-140t "Aviacor" eliminate the main drawback of this car — foreign origin, — said the representative of the Air Force.

An-140 was designed in 1997 as a regional turboprop passenger aircraft to replace the An-24. It is capable of carrying up to 54 passengers. The production of these aircraft under license, "Antonov" open in three countries — Ukraine, Russia and Iran. In addition, there is an agreement to build the An-140-100 in Kazakhstan.

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