Russia for 11 months increased the extraction and production of gold by 4.5% — up to 194 m


In January-November 2011, the mining and production of gold in Russia have increased compared to the same period last year by 4.5% — up to 193.772 tons, said the Russian Union of Gold.

Including gold production increased by 6.2% — up to 171,95 tons, extraction and secondary production declined by 9.4% — to 13,008 tonnes and by 4.5% — up to 8,814 tons, respectively.

In January-November 2011 compared to the same period last year, production increased: Amur Oblast — by 1.5 times due to the increase of capacities in the fields of Pioneer and Malomyr (GC "Petropavlovsk") and Berezitovoe (Nordgold — a subsidiary of JSC "Severstal" ) Krasnoyarsk region — due to reach full capacity Blagodatnoye Mining and production growth Olimpiada mine (OJSC "Polyus Gold"), Irkutsk region — due to the commissioning of Mill No. 3 on the field Loach highest OJSC ("Highest"), and others.

In Chukotka, decreased production due to lower grades at Kupol (JSC "Chukotka GGK"), the report says. The decline in production in the Khabarovsk region of 2.5 tonnes, as explained by the "Interfax" in the Soviet Union, due to the reduction of production of LLC "Cupid Gold" (derived from the AU "Cupid" gold segment) due to the closure of Rowan Mining and underutilization of capacities at MNV Field Highland Gold. In this case, the concentrate with the running this year, "Polymetal" GOK Albazino until that goes to China, not reflected in the data for the production of refined precious metals.

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