Russia — for everybody, not only for the Russian

Russia — for everybody, not only for the Russian 12:0021.05.2013,Ivan Gladilin
BACKGROUNDKM.RU According to the FMS, nearly 300,000 compatriots from abroad have submitted forms for participation in the state

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The glaring thing that happened to Olga Ignashov — proof

What is the "care" of our government about returning to their homeland compatriots, and in general — do all of our Russian country clearly demonstrates a blatant case of Olga Ignashov, whichtoldthe leader of the Russian Social Movement (ROD) Natalia Kholmogorova.

 Born in Kyrgyzstan, a Russian family in the days of the USSR Olga Ignashov, however, still managed to return to their historic homeland, she graduated from high school here, married and even got a — on a completely formal, legally — Citizenship of the Russian Federation.

But when she bought the apartment and went to register at the new place of residence, alert officials of the Federal Migration Service (the one that has captivated Russia unskilled alien to our culture and often simply criminal alien workers) was forced to hand over her passport and temporarily renounce Russian citizenship, promising restore it literally within "three days' residence, and then — and citizenship.

Trusting law abiding Russian woman has fulfilled all the requirements of the Federal Migration Service officials. But after that, she was told that she should re-queue for the Russian citizenship, and push it in the usual (that is stretched on for years and full of all kinds of ordeals for applicants) procedure.

The woman is now deprived of livelihood and had to ask to temporarily register it in his own apartment. But most importantly, she wonders what the FMS of Russia and Russian President utter empty words to the effect that "Russia needs an influx of new forces, is in need of educated, hard-working people who want to move to Russia, consider it their homeland."

"Here is a letter that is women — says Natalya Kholmogorova. — Removed the only contact information — but we have them. A typical case. People who have fallen into this trap, tens, if not hundreds, of:

"I Ignashov Olga, a Russian citizen (passport 4106 905074, issued on 16.12.2006, the ATS Podporozhsky district of Leningrad region), Russian by birth, but a former citizen of Kyrgyzstan, was born on 15.10.1983 in the USSR in the city of Frunze. In 2001 he moved to his native Russia to his grandmother on the mother, a Russian citizen, the Vyborg district. There's also graduated from high school after the 11th grade in 2001 was admitted to the university SPbGAU the internal department and successfully graduated from university with a degree in higher education.

All these years was a citizen of Kyrgyzstan and made a temporary registration. In 2004, she married a Russian citizen and apply for a Russian citizenship. After much agonizing finally in 2006 I received Russian citizenship and Russian passport. In the same year, gave birth to a son on Russian passport has been issued a passport, twice changed its permanent place of residence, repeatedly traveling abroad. It says that my passport was frequently checked for its authenticity government agencies!

She also worked and paid taxes, laws are not violated. Moreover, in March 2010, my husband and I turned to the "Sberbank of Russia" with a request to give us a loan to buy an apartment. Again, after a long inspection of all documents submitted to the bank "Sberbank" gave us a mortgage, and we bought a house in joint ownership in Kolpino Kolpinsky in the St. Petersburg area.

After registration in the Office of the Federal Registration Service of the certificate of state registration of the rights to the apartment, I went to the passport office to make registration for the third time! And then the problems started. At first I did not give a long passport, called after the FMS Kolpinsky area and announced that I had illegally obtained the passport of the Russian Federation, and they started checking my documents the citizenship of the Russian Federation, and then forced me to write a statement about the circumstances to indicate the presence or absence Russian citizenship. Checking lasted more than a year, after which they sent me a letter saying that I am not a citizen of the Russian Federation in connection with what I have to report to the TA number 31 OUFMS Russia in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Kolpinsky in the St. Petersburg area with a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation and foreign passport for their subsequent removal!

With the work I was asked to leave when they heard about the problems with the passport. In OUFMS I was asked to contact the embassy of Kyrgyzstan for the Kyrgyz citizenship and passport, in order to again make entry to and exit from Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan for re-migration control and re-obtain Russian citizenship.

I have repeatedly appealed to the President of the Russian Federation for help in the hope that the president will help me to solve the issue of deprivation have Russian citizenship. But my case was transferred to the Federal Migration Service in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, that is, that authority by which my passport was issued by the Russian Federation in violation of the law. And he's taken away my citizenship and recognized my passport invalid!

For three years, reaching my history with citizenship. During this time, I turned to the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation, and received a written response from a number MS-3/-5505 28.03.12 was that I needed to document my residence permit within three days to provide the passport of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan. After such an optimistic answer I did what was required of me FMS of Russia, namely appealed to the Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic to restore my citizenship by birth and give me a passport CD, and after receiving it (took a year), I made entry to Kyrgyzstan departure from Kyrgyzstan to re-migration control, collected all the documents, written answers (in the amount of three pieces), the Federal Migration Service of the promise of three days to give me a residence permit and asked the head of the department of Citizenship Federal Migration Service of Russia in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region of Lydia Efimovna Efimova at St. Petersburg, ul. Tchaikovsky, 24. To which she replied that all these letters (their answers) do not matter, and that I needed to get citizenship, under general conditions, namely, to go through several stages:

— A temporary residence permit (permit me to live with the minor son, her lawful husband in her own apartment!)

— Obtaining a residence permit (permit me to live in his own apartment!)

— Applying for citizenship and a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation.

It turns out that all the promises of the FMS of Russia were empty words, and were only a trap for me. I spent three years of his life to fulfill their requirements only to further complicate their situation and to extend it in the years ahead!

I was holding two passports of Russian Federation — General Civil and overseas, which meant the following. Citizenship of the Russian Federation to certify the passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation or equal passport. Any public body is obliged Russia to respect this do
cument. Nothing more to do with the law does not allow a passport. I never asked for help from the government of the Russian Federation in getting all sorts of benefits, incentives and subsidies. But after "migratsionschiki" I carried the conclusion of the "unreasonable documenting the passport of a citizen of Russia", thus saying, "Live as you want without nationality, without a license, with a small child in her arms and with a mortgage behind" (they did not care what I can not work and pay the loan for an apartment), the only thing I ask — do not stop me from legally live and carry out labor activity!

It turns out that public bodies are not made for assistance to the citizens of the country, and to create additional difficulties and tribulations in the life of a young family! I honestly do not understand why they make me so cruelly pay for obvious errors and mistakes Russian state authorities, namely FMS Podporozhsky district of Leningrad region. Upon receipt of the passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation adopted me everything in my steps to comply with the requirements of the passport law and law on citizenship of the Russian Federation. On the procedure for obtaining a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation authorized advised me to this state officials, I addressed with the relevant statements and submit the required documents only to the authorized state bodies established by the state paid the fee for a passport, and so on.

Finally, in the same state bodies I received a Russian passport due form with all the necessary and legal details.

Also, I sincerely do not understand what empty words and promises of the Federal Migration Service of Russia and the Russian president that "Russia needs an influx of new forces, is in need of educated, hard-working people who want to move to Russia, consider it their homeland." For me, who has lived in St. Petersburg 13 years, Russian by nationality and which is the direct descendant of those who were born in the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union, and the bearer of Russian language and Russian culture, which received a Russian secondary and higher education, and to create a full family Russian citizenship is an impossible dream due to the regulations of the process of obtaining citizenship. I ask you for help.

Consider my case more closely and help make public!

I have no more strength to re-acquire Russian citizenship, I'm desperate.

Sincerely, Ignashov Olga. "

Do not understand the despair of women can not. What is this power if it is, in the words while advocating for a return to the homeland of compatriots actually repairs the same countrymen are formidable obstacles, to which no-one even conceive? And at the same time, the same power astoldKM.RU, has plans to make the citizens of the Russian Federation (with a simplified, emergency procedure) almost all immigrants from the CIS!

And what do we have for the "guarantor" of such, if directed to him complain about the same FMS that cry of the monstrous injustice of officials of the agency in relation to the nation (and in this case — and does a citizen of the Russian Federation), immediately forwarded virtually the same officials on which the complaint and entered? Why then all this profanity with straight lines the President to the people, if the request for a specific Russian women to understand the structure of the particular case, the head of state "subcontract" to solve the agency, which also has committed this outrage?

In the end, it turns out that Russian compatriots, native to us by culture, not asking the government any money (in the case of Olga Ignashov even with higher education) can not become citizens of Russia. But Russian passports are much easier to acquire visitors from the CIS is not Russian nationality. Yes, confirming the trend official statistics, our FMS does not lead, but, according to the former head of the agency, Vyacheslav Postavnina, now heads the Foundation "Migration XXI Century" of receiving Russian citizenship only 30% of Russian, the other 70% — it's other people nations of the CIS countries. What is this power that we have such if Russian way into Russia closed and foreigners — "welcome"?

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