Russia has begun to develop a reusable rocket and space systems

Russian scientists are developing a project of the family of launch vehicles with a reusable rocket unit. The report on this subject presented on Wednesday at 36-s academic readings on space at the State Research and Production Space Center (Khrunichev) Khrunichev Igor Birkin.

He recalled that there are numerous projects reusable spacecraft launch vehicles. In the process of project development, "Energiya-Buran" and "Space Shuttle" was created by a huge technological advance in this field.

"The potential benefits of reusable launch vehicles cause more and more new projects — said the scientist. — At the present stage of technological development in the number of preferred concept has popped partially reusable space missile vertical launch systems with reusable returned missile units of the first stage. "

According to him, the U.S. is now commissioned by the Air Force initiated work to develop advanced missiles, including a winged first stage, which, after separating from the second stage performs a one-time refund (pilot landing) at the launch site. According to experts, such a program is beneficial in terms of reducing the costs of providing launch time and prepare for them.



"We have the necessary scientific and technological and design foundation for the realization of the concept", — assured Birkin. "As a result of the competition, which is held by the Federal Space Agency, was preferred embodiment of the construction of reusable rocket and space systems of the first stage (MRCA-1) version, which offered the Khrunichev Center", — he informed.


According to him, the family of partially reusable rocket missile unit includes a refundable one-time and the second step. "In the early stages of the work of the Khrunichev Center will shape the necessary scientific and technical solutions, including the composition of the demonstrators MRCA for ground and flight testing," — said Birkin.

 "System demonstrator, designed for complex castings on the ground and in the air all the major key elements of the return rocket block, it is proposed to create on the basis of previous work related to the disposable rocket boosters family" Angara "and touched on the reusable booster" Baikal ", — he said.

To increase the energy performance rocket scientist suggests using the method overflowing fuel components between the stages of the rocket. "Its essence lies in the fact that the section of the joint flight of the first and second stage of the block bottom step of fuel poured into the central unit. As a result, the upper level is completely filled up, and the first stage produces its fuel rapidly, more rapidly separates, at the expense of reduced energy costs, "- he explained.


According to Birkin, the use of multiple launch vehicles — 25 flights, and eventually to 200. "The family of such carriers will be able to place in orbit almost all foreseeable payloads," — said the scientist. It also does not exclude the possibility of launching missiles with prospective data sets GLONASS system.

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