Russia in 2011 will retain second place in the world arms trade

Russia will sell abroad next year arms and military equipment worth more than $ 10 billion, thereby maintaining the worldwide second place and repeating the record in 2010. This forecast was made by RIA Novosti on Friday, CEO of the Center for Analysis of World Arms Trade (TSAMTO) Igor Korotchenko.

"According to the existing order book and intentions in a straight arms procurement, the value of Russian arms exports in 2011 will be not less than 10.14 billion dollars", — said Korochenko.

According to him, with this indicator Russia confidently retain second place behind the United States (28.56 billion dollars). In the world's ten largest suppliers of arms on the forecast volume of exports of military products (MPP) in 2011, in descending order will include: Germany ($ 5.3 billion), France (4.02 billion dollars), the UK (3.44 billion dollars) , Italy (2.94 billion dollars), the category of "tender" ($ 2.34 billion), Israel (1.38 billion dollars), Sweden ($ 1.34 billion) and China (1.16 billion dollars).

The geographical aspect of Russian arms exports in 2011, first place will the Asia-Pacific region (6,324 billion dollars), second place — South America (including Mexico) — 1.51 billion, the third place — North Africa, 1.27 billion dollars said Korochenko.

For certain categories of weapons first place in the structure of Russian arms exports in 2011 will take aeronautical engineering — 3.384 billion (33.4% of total exports), including fighter jets — 3.014 billion dollars, combat-capable — $ 230 million aircraft military transport aircraft — $ 100 million aircraft based patrol aircraft — $ 40 million.

Second place will naval equipment — 2,103 billion (20.7%), including submarines — $ 730 million, surface warships of the main class — 1.94 billion dollars, boats and small landing craft — 333 million dollars.

Third place will be armored vehicles — 1.759 billion (17.35%), including main battle tanks — 929 million dollars, armored combat vehicles — 830 million dollars.

Scope of supply for the category "rotorcraft" projected at 1.358 billion (13.4%), including attack helicopters — $ 360 million, anti-submarine helicopters — $ 400 million, multi-purpose helicopters, $ 600 million. The volume of supply air defense systems will be about $ 750 million (7.4%). In the segment of missile and artillery armament backlog of orders for delivery in 2011, 48.4 million (0.5%). For all other categories of weapons shipments will reach about 735 million (7.25%).

Conclusion The most important contracts in 2011 is projected in the field of military aviation. Is expected to be signed the first export contract for the supply of Su-35. The most likely customers are Libya, Venezuela and China. Since Indonesia is expected to sign a contract for the delivery of eight Su-30MK.

With India will sign a contract to buy 42 additional Su-30MKI fighters. In addition, the more specific the content should get the intention of the Indian Air Force to upgrade 50 Su-30MKI fighters, which were delivered in the first batches.

Contracts for the supply of MiG-29 can be signed with Sri Lanka and several other countries. In 2011, the Indian Defense Ministry will decide on the winner of the tender for the supply of 126 medium multi-combat aircraft, on which Russia presented the MiG-35.

With China plans to sign contracts for the next batch of aircraft engines RD-93 and AL-31FN.

Projected new contracts for the supply of the Yak-130UBS. In addition to the tender which conducts Indonesia, the conclusion of agreements on the direct delivery possible with Syria, Vietnam and Belarus.

It is also expected to continue the program with India for the supply of two additional aircraft airborne early warning and control "Falcon". In the case of a contract, which runs in conjunction with Israel, Israel, Russia will provide two more IL-76 platform. In the field of military-transport aviation China continue negotiations on renewal of the contract for the new conditions on the aircraft IL-76.

May be implemented, at least partially packaged contracts with Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Most likely, the package deal with Venezuela in the amount of $ 5 billion is not yet fully formed, and this work will be completed in 2011.

By helicopter topics most major contract with India is expected to supply 59 medium transport helicopters Mi-17-1V. In addition, Russia is involved in four tenders for the supply of helicopters held by the Air Force and the Indian Navy.

Obviously, negotiations will continue to supply helicopters to Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Nicaragua and several other countries.

With China plans to sign a contract for the supply of one of the Mi-26.

In addition, China has expressed interest in the supply of other types of Russian helicopters. Large supply of helicopters are expected to Afghanistan. In addition to countries with which it has concluded or are planned to conclude contracts packet, the most promising means of defense customers are Venezuela, Brazil, Egypt, Cyprus, Syria and Vietnam, in the segment of submarines — Indonesia (tender), Syria, Venezuela, Egypt, in the segment armored vehicles — Indonesia, UAE, Sudan, Bangladesh (in 2011 to be paid as final clarity on the proposed purchase of Greece BMP-3), potential partners in the segment of armored cars are Brazil, Argentina, India, Kazakhstan, and Turkmenistan (will also continue to work with China ) in a segment of surface ships and boats of the main class of the new programs can be implemented with India, Vietnam and Indonesia.

A number of countries have expressed interest in buying coastal missile systems, particularly in the Middle East.

"In general, the projected amount of contracts to be concluded in 2011, which exceeds the amount of supplies that will further increase the portfolio of export orders Russia", — said Korochenko.

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