Russia in 2025. People’s outlook.

Dear members and subscribers of the project,
writing to you on behalf of the project

We are beginning to involve all stakeholders in the collective work of the Internet
over the road map Russia in 2025.

"Life Saving handiwork of drowning" — want us to have a better — take an active part in the development of our country and invite them to attend your colleagues and friends.

Now we are at the beginning — it is necessary to build a forecast for Russia until 2025, then, of this forecast we understand — what to do and together work out a system of measures.

After that — we will offer them the Duma, the Government, the ASI and other structures, as well as what can be done in an open and voluntarily begin to make yourself!

Join now and involve friends :-)


And now —specific list:

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Project:Russia 2025
1) must be supplemented dealt facethe groupstatistics on demographics, health, etc. data that can be found in open sources of reliable, and be sure to give a link to the original source of information.
2) theregroup discussing the idea of Nicholas Starikova nationalization of the ruble.
Accumulated and systematized so the information will go to finalize the roadmap Russia in 2025.
Sincerely, the project team

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