Russia in South Ossetia equips digital ground

In one of the former Georgian villages will be the target of a digital network for conscripts

  • Russia in South Ossetia equips digital ground
  • Russia in South Ossetia equips digital ground

Russian Ministry of Defense continues to strengthen its positions in South Ossetia. Following a military town, technology and own TV, the Russian military defeated near Tskhinvali multifunctional ground on which to train conscripts infantry war.

The Minister of Defence of South Ossetia Valery Yakhnovets told "Izvestia" that works on digital equipment polygon of the target complexes to be completed before the end of the year. However, he stressed that Dzartsemi is a polygon co-location and does not belong to Russia.

— There is, of course, constantly train the Russian military, but nothing super-modern is not already there. Yesterday shot at it and did not see anything — not without humor Yakhnovets said — but it appears the project has already been allocated tens of millions of rubles.

According to the press service of the Southern Military District, the area shall be equipped with modern equipment strelbischnym with 40 lifts capable odnovnemenno "animate" 140 targets. The distance to the target can be varied up to 1 thousand km, which will allow the military to train infantry brigades and snipers, and you can control the target with computers.

Yakhnovets explained that Dzartsemi can train not only the gunners, but the crews of military equipment, including tanks and infantry fighting vehicles.

The village Dzartsemi to August 2008 was located in the north-east of Tskhinvali. During the Georgian-Ossetian war there were 29 destroyed houses. After the end of hostilities was signed by South Ossetian-Russian agreement on the establishment of the village on the site of military training.

Head of the Analytical Department of the Institute of Political and Military Analysis, Alexander Khramchikhin believes that the creation of a digital landfill — a logical step:

— If we recognized South Ossetia, and they invited us over there, no problem. I understand that the Russian troops there forever. At least as long as Georgia does not recognize their independence.

Head of the Scientific and Analytical Center for National Security Anatoly Tsiganok believes that Russian troops will stay in South Ossetia, at least until mid-2014:

— One of the objectives of the military operation in 2008 was to ensure the safety of Olimpiyskiyh Games in Sochi. Therefore, prior to the end of the Russian base will only grow.

He added that the 4th military base could become an autonomous Russian outpost, comparable to the Russian bases in Armenia and Tajikistan.

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