Russia in the first person. Army


After the collapse of the Soviet Union ceased to exist and the Soviet army. By the end of the 90 reduced the number of military personnel has reached nearly half a million people. A wave of suicide officers reported to the utter despair of housing and family problems — by which time 200,000 military families had their homes.
In 2008 begins Reform of the Armed Forces. Salary Russian officer from 2000 to 2010 increased by 20 times. Period of military service with the January 1, 2008 was reduced to one year. In 2009 began a global rearmament, which should be completed by 2020. According to experts, the volume of Russian arms exports in 2011 will amount to more than ten billion dollars — the second largest after the United States.

How it was possible so far to change the situation in the Russian army? What is the role played in this government program? How are today's military?
In the film, attended by Olga Zakharova, Ensign liaison 34th mountain infantry brigade, Arthur Shemaytis, commander of the 34th Motorized Rifle Brigade; Dudnichenko novel, Colonel, serving in the Border Guard Department of FSB of Russia in the Orenburg region, Vladimir Maleev, otrabotchik helicopters, Kazan Helicopters and others.

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