Russia is beginning to export sugar

Since the beginning of the week the domestic sugar prices fell by 1.5% and reached the level of 22.7 rubles / kg with VAT (basis Krasnodar), and since the beginning of the month the decline was 26%.


October contract price for white sugar on the London Commodity Exchange, down nearly 2%, amounted to U.S. $ 784.60 per ton. Thus, taking into account the cost of transportation, the Russian sugar is the most competitive for export to Eastern European countries such as Ukraine and Moldova, as well as in the countries of Central Asia. According Soyuzrossakhar, last week has already signed contracts for the import of sugar in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.

This is the first signed contracts to import sugar for the last 12 years, when Russia enters the world market with competitive products. In the first place, it has become possible thanks to our host for 6 years, measures of government incentives to increase production of domestic sugar, and reduce imports.

The main problem of the expansion of exports of sugar, Soyuzrossahar sees the currently available software problem with covered wagons. This problem arose in connection with the reorganization of JSC "Russian Railways" and the refusal by the present owners to provide services for the transportation of goods in the territory of the Customs Union.

In the spring of this year, Soyuzrossahar already sent an official request to the FAS to oblige the owners of rolling stock, acquired ownership of virtually the entire rolling stock of OAO "Russian Railways", fulfill the requests for the shipment of sugar to the consumer, especially in regions distant from svekloproizvodyaschih.

According Soyuzrossakhar, total exports of sugar in the next 6 months is estimated at 400 tonnes.

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