Russia is on the record for the export of sunflower oil

Last year's record harvest of sunflower in Russia will allow traders to realize the global market of more than 1 million tons of oil by more than $ 1 billion a result, Russia will enter the second in the world in terms of export of this product. Domestic consumption of oil in the country is already quite large, and in the future we should expect an expansion of deliveries abroad, experts say.

As told RBC daily in the analytical center "Sovekon" sunflower oil exports in the current season (October 1, 2011 to September 30, 2012) may reach 1.1-1.4 million tonnes, which is 1.3-1.6 times higher than the previous export record set in 2008/09, when it was exported 861.8 thousand tons of oil. Representative of "South of Russia" Sergey Kamenetsky agrees with this assessment.

Revenue from oil exports this season could exceed $ 1 billion for comparison: Revenues from the sale of wheat — the main export of grain crops — about 5-6 billion dollars from the sale of barley — the second largest export crops — less than $ 1 billion

The export of oil contributes to a record volume of sunflower production in 2011 — 9.6 million tons export is also growing under the influence of the ever-growing global demand for basic food products, including sunflower oil, said Mr. Kamenetz: "Against this background, growing worldwide use of vegetable oils in the manufacture of biofuels, which leads to consumption of the substitution of other sunflower oils. "

In March of this year, Russia has set a new record for the export of sunflower oil per month: it was exported 185.8 thousand tons, including 167.2 thousand tons of crude and 18.6 thousand tons of bottled oil, said the Managing Director of "Sovekon" Andrei Sizov Jnr. The previous record was set in November 2011, when it was exported 140.3 thousand tons of oil (120.6 thousand tons of crude and 19.7 thousand tons of bottled).

Market participants believe that the marketing potential of Russian oil exporters and grow in the future can be expected to expand the supply of bottled oil.

The sharp jump in exports of crude oil in the past month amid modest performance in February (49.9 tons) is strongly associated with the start of a full-fledged navigation in the Sea of Azov, explains Mr. Sizov, "A shallow-water port handles about half of the total exports of crude oil. "

The main exporters are companies "Yug Rusi", "Aston", "Solar Products», Bunge and Glencore (International Grain Company). Dominated in the supply of oil on the world market Russian operators in contrast to the grain market, where the leading position in the supply of occupied multinationals, says Mr Sizov. More than half of Russia's oil buying Egypt and Turkey, which, incidentally, are also major importers of Russian wheat, and other North African countries.

"We hope to set new records in the future," — says Mr. Sizov. Per capita consumption of sunflower oil in Russia is quite high by world standards — about 18 kg, according to the "Sovekon" (for comparison, in Germany, about 20 kg per capita). Even the growth of incomes of Russians would not imply the growth of consumption of sunflower oil, the expert believes. Mr. Kamenetz hopes that the production of oil crops in Russia will continue to grow at the expense of soybeans, canola, flax and other crops.

Overall, the world market of sunflower oil is small — about 5-6 million tonnes — and consolidated. Is the largest provider of Ukraine (3.2 million tons), and behind it is usually followed by Argentina (about 1 million tons). This season, Russia is likely to move into second place.

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