Russia is preparing a powerful argument against the U.S. missile defense

Russia is preparing a powerful argument against the U.S. missile defense
Approximately 6 years in service with the Strategic Missile Forces of the Russian Federation should go languid brand new intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), which will be able to overcome the South American missile defense system. It was first announced in September the commander of the Strategic Missile Forces mission, Colonel-General Sergei Karakayev. According to him, the development of modern missiles, the liquid to be completed in 2018. Brand new rocket will have to change the most languid world ballistic missile R-36M2 «Governor», known in the West as the SS-18 «Satan». As «Governor» newcomer missile which as yet has no name, will use mine way home.

Development of the newest ICBM is a reaction of Moscow to the U.S. plans to deploy in Europe component own global missile defense system, in close proximity to the borders of Russia. Moscow views on such plans violate Washington’s existing global balance of nuclear forces in the world. At the same time in Washington insist that the deployed missile defense system in Europe is aimed against the danger posed by the unpredictable states, which include Iran and North Korea.

According to the commander of the Strategic Missile Forces Minister Sergei Karakaeva available now armed with solid fuel missiles, «Topol» and «Yars» is not enough to overcome the potential enemy missile. For these purposes, the best suited liquid rocket. Another prerequisite for the development of such missiles is to develop more resource Russian ICBM R-36M2 «Governor» and UR-100N UTTH, extend the life of which more in 2020 does not seem likely. According to the 2012 disk imaging as part of the Strategic Missile Forces is 388 deployed strategic delivery vehicles, which is 1,290 warheads. At the same time on the Strategic Missile Forces is still 58 missiles R-36M «Governor» (580 charges) and 70 of UR-100N UTTH (420 charges). In other words, the absolute majority of Russian nuclear warheads deployed on missiles whose service comes in the not to distant future.
On Friday, September 7, the military revealed some details about the latest Russian ICBM watery fuel, which is being developed for the substitution of R-36M2 «Governor.» Details about the recent rocket opened consultant RVSN commander Colonel-General Viktor Esin. According to him, development work on the creation of modern missiles have already begun, and the task for its development was approved in 2011. In the role of head developer rocket stands Civic Center (SRC) Makeyev (Miass), also participates in the development of rocket Reutov «NGOs engineering.» Two of these enterprises constitute the first level of cooperation. In the role of the manufacturer will have to make missiles Krasnoyarsk Machine-Building Plant.

Brand new rocket will carry up to 10 units and incorrect display the calculated line of movement up to 5 tons payload. While modern solid ground missiles «yars» have 4-6 such blocks, said Esin. According to him, increasing the number of invalid blocks will allow a perfect defense system disorient a potential adversary. With all this necessary load the latest liquid rocket 4 times outshine payload rocket «yars». The desired load SS-24 «Yars» is 1.2 tons, whereas the newcomer will be able to rocket to orbit a payload of 5 tons. The desired load — the number of warheads, different sets of means to overcome the enemy missile, also jamming. The general said the newcomer rocket will own more bolshennymi abilities to overcome the Yankees created a missile defense system. But will she and minuses, to which he attributed the presence of «aggressive» component in its composition.

According to the commander of the Strategic Missile Forces, we should not exclude a possible deployment of cosmic Yankees tier missile strike weapons, as in the states conducted developmental and research work in this direction. Given these reasons, potential Russian compact solid-fuel missiles may not be enough to overcome promising missile defense system. For these purposes, the best way would fit languid liquid ICBM with a launch weight of about 100 tons, that supersede the solid rocket on such basic qualities as the ratio of the initial mass and payload. Of this kind can only use rocket silo-basing.

Previously been reported that the new missiles will be located in the same mines that are currently used for the deployment of missiles R-36M2 «Governor.» Immediately, it is envisaged profound modernization of missile silos in which they are to be a technological fix, the creation of a qualitatively new level of fortification protection using active and passive parts of a missile defense. These measures are intended to improve the survivability of times silo launchers against possible enemy weapons as ordinary and nuclear.

Brand new liquid ICBM will have to change adopted in the 1988 missile R-36M2 «Governor», which is able to throw into orbit up to 10 tons of payload. Currently, specifically rocket «Governor» is the basis of the land component of the strategic nuclear forces (SNF) containment of. At a constant duty is still 58 such missiles carrying 10 warheads any. This adds up to a third of all approved by last Russian Russian-American START treaty nuclear warheads.

With all this life of these missiles slowly but surely coming to an end a couple of times and have been extended. After 2020, in any case they must be completely removed from service. With the help of modern solid-fueled ICBMs Russian «Topol-M» and «Yars» achieve a balance with the Yankees in 1550 deployed nuclear warheads of the Russian Federation will not work. Rockets «Topol-M» only one nuclear warhead on missiles RS-24 «Yars» 3 of these charges, but the pace of commissioning such missiles does not exceed 10-15 units per year.

According to Colonel-General Sergei Karakaeva, after removal of ICBMs «Governor» with weapons, brand new rocket will be the heaviest of all the rest. Its weight of 100 tons will be quite enough, the general said. Now do not need to be a rocket, weighing 211 tons, as it was with the «Governor» now made new technology that at much lower weight will achieve even greater effect. With all this «Governor» has to overcome outdated set of missile defense systems, not as perfect as it is now. On this rocket used in the main passive means creation interference while in the new complexes using active, their heads pointing radioizluchateli blind missiles. Currently, this system is used on the latest Russian solid rockets: land-based — «yars» and sea-based — «Bulava». According to the views of Victor Esin, effective means of dealing with this kind of wrong objectives have not been developed.

Andrei Frolov, editor in chief of the magazine «Arms Export» believes that modern ICBM average weight for RF needs. Light «Topol» and «Yarsami» absolutely not close all existing problems, besides, with a large liquid-propellant rockets bombarded a payload mass will be more opportunities and reserves to modernize and equip the missiles more complicated maneuvering warheads, as new systems for overcoming anti- defense. With all this and the USSR, and Our homeland has always been strong in the liquid engines, while harsh fuels have always been lagging behind the United States. In recognition of the current situation, it is unlikely it can be argued that the situation in the Russian chemical industry has become better.

The expert also drew attention to the fact that solid rockets even more difficult to extend the life. While in liquid rockets can simply drain fuel tanks and then disinfect download new fuel in solid rocket if the fuel cracks, the rocket is necessary to remove from service.

With all this optimism about the development of new missiles exhibit far not all. Namely, Yuri Solomonov, general designer of the Metropolitan Institute of Thermal Technology, which created the rocket «Bulava», believes that the creation of modern high performance liquid ballistic missile — is unnecessary waste of money and sabotage. From his point of view, to create the newest rocket languid under which it will need to expand production capacity anew not quite purposefully. Formally speaking, the solid-fuel missiles are gaining faster speed and more than comfortable to use. With all of this liquid rocket can due to more massive engines throw a highest weight.

Vice-President of the Academy of Geopolitical problems Vladimir Anokhin, believes that the newcomer will be an effective means of ICBMs overcome missile defense system. According to him, at least some breakthrough in rocketry immediately makes a lot of migraines. At the time, the fate of the Land of the Rising Sun decided two bombs. If potentially 1, 2 or 4 missiles able to reach areas the U.S., with their modern psychology there will panic. Now in Russia there is a huge mental abilities and the main problem with hands that will turn ideas into reality. Vocational dispersed, there is no continuity in the industry, defense industry almost everything rests on the elderly. According to Vladimir Anokhin, diplomatically and politically, everything looks very nice, but from a technical point of view there is a gap.


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