Russia is regaining its subsoil

Slowly but surely, thanks to the initiative of Vladimir Putin, wealth is transferred from the oligarchs under the control of the state …

Russian holding "Rosgeologiya" continues to unite around him all enterprises geological exploration industry in our country, writes in columnist Denis Klimov. In the near future structure will be one of the largest in the world and certainly the largest in Eurasia. Decree on the establishment of this holding was signed two years ago by the then President Medvedev, at the initiative of Vladimir Putin.
In addition to 37 enterprises in the industry that are already part of the holding company, another 15 organizations exploration may soon join the "Rosgeologiya." Problems and challenges of global consolidation in this area were discussed Wednesday at a public meeting of subsidiaries and independent companies "Rosgeologiya."

Today, the average profitability of the holding is low — only about five percent. Many businesses have been artificially reduced to a state of bankruptcy and are in need of a deep "rearmament", which will take place in the next three goda.Odnako with changing corporate governance structure, the new management of exploration Russia plans to change the situation for the better. Thus, the next step on the planned expulsion of foreign companies away from Russian resources, which is an important foundation for the further strengthening of statehood, the author publikatsii.On recalls that "thanks" to the efforts of young reformers in the nineties, Russia actually "donated" a large portion of their bowels foreign supranational structures clusters corporatocracy. Only in 2006, Vladimir Putin was able to significantly "move" of foreigners in the early nineties of the agreement, "Sahaling 1. " By the way, before the share of production, got Russia was 20% of the volume extracted in our shelfe.Sleduyuschim stage for the return of Russia's own mineral resources, wealth and income from them, namely the creation of a holding company "Rosgeologiya." Slowly but surely, wealth is back under the control of the state. It's clear that the West is in shock, and soon we will see him in a very subtle reactions "unpredictable" forms, the author writes publikatsii.Samoe importantly, he said that between the Ministry of Natural Resources and Rosnedra already developed plans for the transformation of "Rosgeologiya" in a single Executive orders of government in terms of profile rabot.Sredi priority plans of the holding — the creation of a joint venture for exploration with the "monsters" oil industry — "Gazprom", "Rosneft" and "Lukoil". In other words, Russia is building a kind of vertical management development and production of natural resources under common control with a single point in the Kremlin.

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