Russia — one of the most innovative countries in the world

According to recent studies, the U.S. was considered the most innovative country in the world in the appropriate rating. For the countries in which companies such as Apple and Microsoft, it's okay. But Russia was higher than the other neighbors in the BRICS, finishing in 14th place, ahead of countries such as Britain, Canada, Italy.

Rating agency made up of innovativeBloomberg. Experts have studied more than 200 countries and autonomous regions. Their number was reduced to 96, was eventually made the top 50.

The criteria have been allocated seven factors. The first is the intensity of research and development (R &D) in respect of contribution to GDP. Then, the level of labor productivity, ie, the level of GDP per employed person and an hour of working time.

The third factor — the concentration of high-tech — the percentage of public high-tech companies in areas such as aerospace, defense, biotechnology, software, semiconductor, internet, hardware, renewable energy.

After that is the number of researchers as a percentage of 1 million people. The fifth factor — industrial productivity, including the number of products with a high proportion of research with respect to the total amount of industrial products.

Sixth — the level of education — the number of people receiving a second degree, as well as the number of students engaged in science, engineering, and construction industries. It is also considered the number of graduates per year and the percentage of people with higher education in the total number of workers. The final factor is the patenting activity. There is a number of patents per million population and R &D costs.

Bringing together all of these indicators, the agency Bloomberg has put the U.S. in first place in the ranking. Best of all country came in the category of the concentration of high technology — is it the first place. But in the performance of the industry with a high proportion of R &D in the U.S. only 52th place.

In second place in the ranking of South Korea. Quite a curious fact, if you look at it in the light of the ongoing patent war between the American and Korean Samsung Apple for the smartphone market. By the way, on the part of the patent activity in South Korea fared best of all — a country in this category comes first.

The third-ranked Germany, the fourth — Finland, Sweden top five. Russia was not included in the top ten, finishing in fourteenth place. However, it has overtaken all the neighbors in the BRICS. China found himself on the 29 th, South Africa — on the 50th. The rest were not included in the top 50.

In addition, Russia has bypassed all the neighbors in the former Soviet Union. The highest place of the other is Estonia, which climbed to 31st place. On 33 th place — Lithuania, at the 42 th place — Ukraine, Latvia — on the 44th, Belarus — on the 49th.

Best of all, Russia is the case with the third category — the concentration of high technology. Russia is a close second. As second place in the country in the category of education. Not bad, and the last factor — the patent activity (8th place).

The worst situation in Russia in the field of industrial performance — 38th — and productivity — 41 th place.

In the category of R &D intensity at the Russian 29th place on the number of researchers — 24th. Russia has recently joined the list of countries where it is easier just to do business. However, its success in this ranking is not as good as it took only 56th place. In previous similar rating of the Russian Federation held the 48th position.

But there is one interesting comment that is associated with the question of how difficult it is to conduct business in Russia. Not all businessmen believe that doing business in Russia so difficult. CEO of Cisco, which is among the hundred largest public companies in the world by Forbes, John Chambers held in Davos for the World Economic Forum, said that in terms of business he likes Russia. Cisco is working in the field of networking, ie, in terms of innovation.

"In Russia now, I sometimes easier to do business than the United States," — he said to CNN, adding that this may sound shocking. Separately, he said he was satisfied with the cooperation with the Russian government at Skolkovo to make it a global technology hub. And the most convenient for the business of the country he called Canada.

In the ranking of the country are located as follows:

1. USA

2. South Korea

3. Germany

4. Finland

5. Sweden

6. Japan

7. Singapore

8. Austria

9. Denmark

10. France

11. Netherlands

12. Ireland

13. Norway

14. Russia

15. Belgium

16. Luxembourg

17. Canada

18. United Kingdom

19. Slovenia

20. Iceland

21. Switzerland

22. Australia

23. Czech Republic

24. Italy

25. Portugal

26. Hungary

27. Spain

28. New Zealand

29. China

30. Poland

31. Estonia

32. Israel

33. Lithuania

34. Slovakia

35. Croatia

36. Hong Kong

37. Turkey

38. Malaysia

39. Malta

40. Tunisia

41. Greece

42. Ukraine

43. Bulgaria

44. Latvia

45. Argentina

46. Romania

47. Iran

48. Macedonia

49. Belarus

50 South Africa…ve-countries.html # slide38 

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