Russia — one of the unique countries where Facebook are lost

Facebook on the path to world domination, but there were seven major markets where it is not the main site, according to a new report from ComScore.
By October of last year, Facebook has captured 55% of the Internet audience in the world. By the time it 3? Of every 4 minutes spent on the Internet.
This site is in first place in 33 of the 40 largest countries in the world. But intractable opponents:
Russia (Vkontakte), Japan (Mixi), China (Facebook are banned in favor of the local site), Brazil (Orkut), South Korea (Naver), Vietnam (prohibited), Poland (Nasza-Klasa).
And in all these countries except our country, Facebook is already hot breath in the back of the leader, and a victory for him is a matter of time. In Russia, the second place is occupied by "Classmates" and then — "My World» ( and "Living History."


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