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The best way to slow down the development of the country — to organize a classic, full-fledged democracy. That power is not controlled by one indisputable leader of the nation, and two or more nearly equal in strength of the enemy. That there was a real, democratic bickering.

Then the country will have virtually no long-running, decadal projects every once populist will only think about how to stay longer at the top. And without the long-running projects in the world today is nothing to catch. Our planet belongs prudent and patient.

As an illustrative example of a country with a large planning horizon I can bring the United States. Non-removable elite ruled the country through its two hand parties — Republicans and Democrats — about the middle of the last century. The result is clear: over the half century States grew from slurred polubananovoy republic in the most powerful in all of human history empire.

Further illustration of the "usefulness" of change of power is Brazil. In the nineteenth century, it was neck and neck with its northern neighbor. Notorious Bender wanted to leave it in the Brazilian Rio de Janeiro, one of the world's most promising cities of the time. But … changing regularly throughout the twentieth century, the power has done its job. With all due respect to the Brazilian players, to compare modern seriously States and Brazil can not be modern.

And so. I have great joy in my heart watching the Russian government, which finally got the opportunity to move from a convulsive patching holes left by Yeltsin's Liberals to a full strategic planning.

The Forum "Engineering Technologies 2012", which I wrote the day before yesterday, "Russian Technologies" kill three birds at once.

1. All over the planet will be created service centers for the Russian military aircraft. First of all, such centers will be in Venezuela, then to India and China:

Our clients have long asked to organize after-sales service of our military products. Now this problem is solved. Mexico, Peru, Argentina, and other countries who buy our airplanes, can now properly send it to Venezuela for repair and MOT.

2. "Helicopters of Russia" — a wholly-owned subsidiary "Oboronprom" structure "Russian Technologies" — have signed a contract with the French Turbomeca. The French will provide maintenance and repair of engines installed on our Ka-226T and Ka-62. This will expand our markets around the world. In addition, the full service will be a good incentive for buyers of our technology to increase the volume of purchases:

Maintenance and repair of French engines on the Russian side will take the "Helicopter Service Company" and "Ural Works of Civil Aviation", and the French — daughter "Turbomeca." Deliveries of the first engines for the Ka-226T is planned for October 2012, for the Ka-62 — in 2014.

3. "Russian Technologies" had access to the deposits of platinum in Zimbabwe and South Africa. According to the terms of the cooperation agreement, holding "Metalloinvest" and fund Telkonet will control 20% of world reserves of platinum:

In short, we will supply military helicopters to Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe will open the access to the platinum Darvendeyl Oilfield — the second in reserves in the world. Platinum, in turn, is widely used in modern high-tech devices, including in aircraft. That is, we do not just develop our technology and expanding markets, but also to prepare the resource base for the work.

As you can see, we are witnessing a gradual revival almost buried in the nineties Russia's imperial ambitions. Once again, as in Soviet times, helping African countries and supply military equipment to the enemies of the United States.

However, we fully learned the hard way in 1991 — to the place of revolutionary optimism came sober, cool and economical calculation. By combining our key strategic enterprises in the "Russian Technologies", we are now playing vdolguyu. However, we do not toss in the Soviet resources to the wind in the hope of future dividends. Every step forward in such a way figured out to bring Russia is quite specific and measurable benefits.

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