Russia: protecting Syria, defend themselves

Russia: protecting Syria, defend themselves 

Recently the Israeli air raid on a military research center in Israel in Syria alarming rumors circulating on accommodation in the north, on the border with Syria, missile defense systems «Iron Dome.» Not enough who agreed that the North «dome» is set according to some old army plans. After all, the days of Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Silvan Shalom said that Israel can do preventive strikes against targets in Syria:

«The concept is that it is getting chemical weapons Islamists should not happen. At the moment when we realize that this may be, we have to make decisions. «

A commander of the Israeli Air Force Maj. Gen. Amir Eshel January 29 warned Syria is falling apart, and who knows what will happen tomorrow. Tomorrow the war could not be, said the general, but we have to be ready for it — «just in case».
In addition, the Israeli armed forces, including the Air Force, were at the highest readiness level since Jan. 25.

An anonymous source «Reuters» recalled that Syria are Russian missiles and other «advanced» weapon: a «arsenal.» Such weapons have no other Near East countries. Israeli officials have openly expressed concern about the modern Russian weapons in Damascus, including anti-aircraft and anti-ship missiles. Israel fears that if such a weapon fall into the hands of «Hezbollah» in Lebanon adjacent, in the case of confrontation would weaken the defense of the Jewish country, if not in it breaks the gap.

As for the Syrian WMD in Israel they say about 1,000 tons of chemical substances Assad. This information leads past an Israeli national security advisor Uzi Arad.

The above-mentioned General Eshel describes arsenal Bashar Assad as «a huge, partly modern, partly — unconventional.»

Rumors and excitement and speculation analysts suddenly … realized. January 30 at dawn Israeli air force planes attacked a military research center near Damascus. To avoid detection of ground-based aircraft flew on a small height. According to the Syrian authorities at the facility two people were killed and five others were wounded.

In a statement, the Syrian side said that the Israeli Air Force attack was preceded by «unsuccessful attempts» to capture a military facility, which extended over several months «terrorist groups.»

Need to see that the Israeli declaration of «preemption» and «just in case» were not empty words. And generally affects a very small distance from words to deeds.

By the way, for a day or three before the air raid, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the need to take measures to prevent the danger posed by the Syrian chemical weapons. Then spread the message about the concentration of aircraft on the northern air bases.

After the air strike filled Western press rumors to attack. Citing unnamed sources or anonymous sources in diplomatic circles reported that the object of the attack was a truck with a tool that Syria as if meant to convey the militants «Hezbollah.» In the car, as if transported anti-aircraft missiles. Anonymous sources «Reuters» said air raid helpful. According to their view, Israel has given the Syrian side to realize that you should not try to arm «Hezbollah.»

But Syrian state news agency SANA insists that the blow was dealt to the research center. And, according to the same «Reuters», in this center in Jaramana is amongst the rest of the chemical weapon.

As for the convoy, as if the guide from Syria to Lebanon, the Syrian government has denied reports about it.

West insists: «Associated Press» reported from Beirut that the target of the attack was party tools for «Hezbollah». According to anonymous sources, as soon as Israel was preparing to warn supply from Syria to Lebanon SAM «Buk-M1-2» Russian production, which can change the strategic balance in the confrontation with Israel, «Hezbollah».

What SAM! .. In the Israeli media were even such titles: «Russia is helping Assad nuclear weapon?»

Had Prime Minister Netanyahu to send to Moscow chapter of the Council of National Security — retired General Yaakov Amidror. He should hold talks with his Russian officer Nikolai Patrushev and Foreign Minister and Minister Sergei Lavrov to discuss Syrian prevent looting arsenals. The Israeli government is concerned about the probability of occurrence and the terrorists of modern anti-aircraft and anti-ship missiles supplied by Russia «to the Assad regime.»

Currently, Moscow inspects messages IAF air strike on Syria. Foreign Russian Federation situated on its website a message in which clearly states:

«In Moscow, with the deepest concern received reports of the Israeli Air Force raid on targets in Syria near Damascus. If this information is confirmed, then we are dealing with unprovoked attacks on targets in the area of ​​sovereign country that violates UN Tired and is unacceptable, no matter how justified it may motifs.

Taking immediate steps to clarify this situation in all its details.

Bezotstupno again call for an end to at least some violence in Syria, avoiding any interference from the outside and top obschesiriyskogo dialogue on the basis of the Geneva agreements of June 30, 2012. «

So makarom until Hillary Clinton, in his «testament» to the State Department (voiced in interviews South American national public radio) states that our homeland as if unwilling to move forward in implementing the Geneva agreements, Moscow and only does that calls for the implementation of these agreements .

West in general can not accept the fact that our homeland is stubborn against Syria. In the day of the Israeli attack blog newspaper «L’Espresso» article appeared famous blogger Antonio Carlucci. This Signor writes:

«The Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov held its yearly press conference, he read a lot about Syria. He said that the world should forget about that Moscow will say «yes» downfall of the regime of Bashar al-Assad, dictator, who, to save their own post, tortured his own people … Moscow can not live without Assad. Without a single shelter, stay with her in the Middle East. And does not matter what will be dead for a few 10’s of thousands of … more »

Oh, this bloody Our homeland with her characters: carnivorous bear, a bottle of vodka and a Kalashnikov. And forever totalitarian power, ready to crush as its own people, not a damn thing smyslyaschy liberalism and people nearby. Neuzh something the Kremlin and in fact «can not live without Assad?»

It turns out that this is the case a little differently, if a blogger writes. Bashar al-Assad himself said, expressing support for the Syrian government, Our homeland protects itself, not power in Damascus. This assessment of the position of Moscow comrade gave Assad met with a delegation of the Arab public, visited the palace Raud. Assad also reiterated its continued support for the Geneva communique «Action Group» of 30 June 2012. According to him, Syria «was able to overcome the most difficult leg of the journey, at the moment we are making to the process of return of refugees to their homes and the province is also the beginning of reconstruction.»

Speech on the decay Syria about the future victory of days on «opposition» and the «collapse» of the country seems to advance.

The position of the Russian Federation — is unchanged.

Our homeland, as well as Syria continues to insist on compliance with the Geneva accords. The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Gennady Gatilov told «Interfax» that we are not talking about revising the agreements and that all «written in Geneva,» remains relevant. According Gatilova, Our homeland is ready to open a discussion with partners how these provisions should be implemented in practice.

But what can you open a discussion, for example, with Western «partners»? After all, according to the same Clinton, John Kerry transmission case, Moscow again sided with the Syrian president — «people to death.»

On the background started by the West to discredit the Russian Federation, including through the possible application of chemical weapons against civilian persons mercenaries «Britam Defense» running Mr David Golding, whose correspondence to the Web has been hacked recently cracker, «will» Clinton becomes clear. Nobody is waiting for John Kerry to change course the State Department. And because the Russian Federation remains nothing how to protect themselves. Its interests in Syria. His face in foreign policy. Cede aggressors tantamount to surrender.

Surveyed and translated Oleg Chuvakin

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