Russia puts a spoke in the great democratizing

The finding that between Russia and Syria signed a contract worth more than half a billion dollars on supplies to Damascus 36 Yak-130 have caused concern in the United States. In this case, U.S. State Department spokesman Victoria Nuland and the U.S. representative to the UN, Susan Rice, Mrs. once again tried to get the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs to give explanations on the supply of military equipment to Syria. Over the past few days, this is the second attempt by the U.S. to "knock out" of Sergey Lavrov at least some explanation about the contacts with Bashar al-Assad. But Lavrov indifferent to the excessive attention to his person by U.S. officials and the female responds again that no explanation given is not intended as Russia does not violate any UN directives.

And it really is, why it has to be explained by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the supply of trainer aircraft to Syria before the United States. You never know what someone overseas such action on the part of Moscow concerned. Russia may be too worried about what someone's aircraft carriers travel through the Persian Gulf, that one's fill up planes with bombs state, "providing" so no-fly zone over them, that someone's soldiers mistakenly shot the whole village with peaceful residents in states where anti-terrorism operations go, and that someone's courts accept only convictions against those who are not on the path of "democratization" in the Washington.

In Russia at that moment was the visit of U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Jeffrey Feltman. Victoria Nuland pre-announced target Feltman's visit, saying that it would be a solution for Syria, including on why Russia is helping the regime of Bashar al-Assad's military equipment.

As it turned out, in the communication between Jeffrey Feltmanom and representatives of the Russian authorities' questions on the Syrian issue were really affected most directly. The Americans were quite comprehensive answer on about why the Russian authorities are to cooperate with Assad. Moscow believes that it will provide support to Assad, including military supplies for as long as the majority of Syrian society is on his side. In this case, the official representatives of the Russian authorities say that absolutely do not want to get out of Syria a new hotbed of Islamic extremism. After all, as everyone knows, after a series of Arab revolutions (without the involvement of U.S. troops) to power many 'democratised' torn or has already seized upon her Muslim extremist groups. And to prevent the formation of a new hotbed of serious instability in the Middle East, in Moscow's view, unacceptable.

From these words it is possible to clarify the fact that Russia is not going to, as they say, the blood from the nose, grasping for the presidency Assad. Such words from representatives of the Russian Foreign Ministry immediately picked up by many Western newspapers. For example, Wall Street Journal once said that this is just another cunning Putin Putin and Assad's regime will be maintained to the last. Like, get up on the side of the opposition in Syria, Putin did not dare, because this move can inspire and "non-systemic" Russian opposition on what to unseat him. Supports supposedly lies in the delivery of new military aircraft to Assad.

However, in some other Western publications, analysts say that Russia simply "ate" the neglect of its geopolitical interests and is ready to defend its position is quite tough. In particular, an expert on Russian affairs of the Carnegie Endowment Matthew Rojansky suggested that Russian arms Assad was not for his victory over the opposition, but in order to put an end to confrontation and to prevent the possibility of military intervention in the Syrian situation from the outside.

As you can see, not all Western journalists and analysts tend to see in the supply of weapons to the Syrian authorities exceptional support "tyranny" of Assad. There are those who clearly understands that a country like Russia, too, oddly enough for someone to have their own interests in the Middle East.

Certainly, the use of this conflict after Putin by the majority of western media is reduced to inventing a new "axis of evil": Putin-Assad, Ahmadinejad, which should by all means to break through the efforts of the coalition forces.

That is why the display of force on the part of Russia and its ability to defend its position on the world stage someone seriously outraged, because Russia humbly silent for many years — and then on to you — trying to put a spoke in the wheel of the "great democracy of all time" under the flag of the United States .

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