Russia ranks first in the world in the number of educated people

The International Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) published a report, "Education at a Glance 2012". In the ranking of countries listed in the report, Russia took first place in the number of people with higher education (54%) aged 25 to 64 years. Second and third places went to Canada (51%) and Israel (46%) and the United States are located on the 4th place with the figure of 42%.

The top ten "most educated countries" also includes Japan, Korea and the UK, beating France, Germany and Sweden. According to the organization, the percentage of Europeans who have received higher education is 31%.

In the explanatory memorandum on education in Russia, the report explains the high percentage of educated Russians, who studied at the universities, the fact that Russian investment in higher education "has historically been high." The report also draws attention to the fact that substantial number of Russians has technical education, and more than half of the students because of the short school day turns to combine studies with work at the university. This high percentage of working students is matched only by that of Poland and Sweden.

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