Russia’re going to put a man on the moon (La Vanguardia, Spain)

Moscow — Russia plans to rearrange man on the moon after the implementation of several unmanned missions to this natural satellite of the Earth, said Tuesday the CEO Lavochkin NPO named Victor Hart. "The world is renewed interest in lunar exploration. And Russia also has relevant projects. Already selected landing site of the first two expeditions, this is the north and south poles of the natural satellite of the Earth, "said Hart.

Launch of the first two unmanned vehicles — "Luna-Resource" and "Luna-Glob" — is a repetition of the steps that have been taken in the past, in the days of the Soviet Union, but then the experience gained is lost and must be restored, the general director of NPO Lavochkin name. The launch of the "Luna-Resource" will be implemented in cooperation with India, which will provide launch vehicle and lunar rover, which will return to the moon lander in Russia.

The "Luna-Glob" — exclusively Russian design. It provides for the launch and descent to the surface of the moon robot, whose task will be to collect samples of lunar dust. The same problem is posed and a third unmanned spaceship "Luna-Grunt." Unlike his predecessor, he would "take samples of lunar soil deliberately," says a Russian scientist.

After the flight of the unmanned Russian aerospace industry will begin preparations for the launch of manned spacecraft toward the moon.

"But first you have to prepare for this infrastructure. Visiting time is gone, "said Hart, referring to the Americans landing on the moon in 1969. "If you fly, you have to really solve specific problems there," added the chief designer.

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