Russia relies on the hryvnia

June 11 on the Moscow Stock Exchange (MB), you can buy a futures contract on the currency pair hryvnia-dollar for 15% of the value of the currency, reports Kommersant-Ukraina in the article.

According , at the disposal of the publication was approved by the board of MB specification futures contract for U.S. dollar-ukrainian hryvnia, and the presentation of the launch of futures contracts, scheduled for June 11.

Thus, the first post-Soviet Ukrainian derivative hedging currency risks, available to a wide range of investors, will not in Ukraine and in Russia. Launching a new product is part of the expanding derivatives market instruments Moscow stock exchange.

In June and July, the newspaper also plans to launch futures on currency pairs, the dollar-yen, dollar-Swiss franc. They will complement the range of instruments denominated in U.S. dollars: index futuresRTS, Brent Brent, Australian dollar, U.S. dollar, the euro-dollar.

According to the specifications of the futures, the minimum lot is $ 1 million, but the quotes will be billed in local currency. The transaction will be enough for only 15% of the contract value.

Quoted are one-, two-, three-, six-, nine-month and annual contracts with the execution date in March, June, September and December. The tick will be 0,005, that is 5 UAH. As collateral for the first phase will be accepted only in Russian rubles and U.S. dollars in the proportion of 50% to 50%. "In the autumn will give the participants the opportunity to make a 100% security in U.S. dollars," — said the expert MB.

The maximum size of the collateral may not exceed $ 50 million from a clearing firm (brokerage firm that provides clearing in the futures market). Fulfillment of all obligations guaranteed MB. Market maker in futures Deutsche Bank has agreed to act

Managing Director of the Derivatives Market MB Roman Sulzhik told Kommersant that the main target group of this tool will be "companies with payments in UAH, which by means of a contract can hedge the risk of fluctuations in exchange rates." "Also, the tool may be of interest to private investors. Such settlement of derivative instruments may be good potential," — concluded Sulzhik.

It was reported earlier that the stock markets of Ukraineannouncedthe merger of trading platforms.

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