Russia’s Alligator is converted to the Marine helicopter Mistral

The Ka-52 "Alligator" and Ka-29 will be a deep modernization before they will be placed on the ships "Mistral", purchased from France Russia, told RIA Novosti Deputy General Designer KB "Kamov" on the subject of the Navy Nikolai Kuklev before the Day of Russian Naval Aviation , which is celebrated on July 17.

The Ka-52 "Alligator" was initially established as a land-based attack helicopter for the coordination and support of land, not offshore operations. The machine can destroy armored and unarmored vehicles, manpower, as well as aerial targets.

"The helicopter land, and landing on the deck while the pitching has its own characteristics, the sea is not calm. Therefore, we envisage strengthening the chassis, "- explained Nicholas doll.

According to him, the "sea" version of the helicopter will be folding blades and special devices for attachment to the deck. A new locator to fly over the sea. Also, the Ka-52, which will be based on the "Mistral", equip new weapons.

Among the helicopters, they plan to place on the "Mistral", can be and Ka-29. This machine design 80s will also upgrade — will get new weapons and avionics.

"Ka-29 is not afraid of the wind — the wind side, passing, nothing to him. It is very convenient to board the ship in stormy conditions ", — told RIA Novosti senior inspector-pilot control of the combat training of naval aviation of the Northern Fleet Sergei Mironenko. He also explained that the purpose of the helicopter — Marine transportation and fire support from the air.

According to the pilot, and the Ka-29 and Ka-52 two years ago, performed a test landing on the "Mistral" and successfully coped with this task.

"Usually, we sit down at a small ships with smaller sites, for us no difficulty landing any" Mistral "no idea", — said Mironenko.
The ship can be based 16 helicopters.

The crew of "Mistral" is designed for 160 people, in addition, the ship can take an additional 450 passengers. Contract for the purchase of two Russian helicopter class "Mistral" was signed on 17 June 2011. The first such ship to intercede on alert of the Russian Navy in 2014.

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