Russia starts production of four sniper complexes

Russia starts production of four complexes of sniper weapons, told the Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.

"A special area we have — it's a sniper weapon. We will create four sets for snipers," — said Rogozin. He explained that the first set will be designed for a sniper at a distance up to 800 meters, the second — at great distances from one and a half kilometers further (to large caliber weapons), the third — a police precision rifle for close combat in urban areas, and the fourth — small-bore rifle to train snipers.

"Look at how the security forces dress up as guerrillas, when everyone buys their own, do take out the crook special optics, night vision rifle scopes, thermal imaging, tired"- Said the deputy prime minister. He said that the development of sniper systems, a special group in the company of the Central Scientific Research Institute" Tochmash. "This group will include special forces instructors who will present specifications for the weapons.

"I think that we will soon have not just samples of weapons, and they (the samples) will be associated with the complex. So, the weapon is only part of the system. At the same system also includes surveillance, detection of the enemy, for the suppression of his will to resistance, means of passive protection serviceman "- said Rogozin

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