Russia — the leader of diamond

The leader of Russia's diamond was in 2012. The place of honor confirmed by documents published by the Kimberley Process Diamond Association.

According to analysts, Russia produced almost 35 million carats of diamonds. Their total cost was $ 2.9 billion.

It is noted that 27% of world production comes from Russia. However segment sales money expressed somewhat less than — 23%.

Russian diamond exports totaled nearly 30 million carats, which is 8% less than in 2011 But the monetary component grew by 2% to $ 3.9 billion.

Interestingly, imports also decreased by 8% to 141,000 carats, and the total value of imports increased to $ 151 million.

Among the buyers of diamonds is leading India. In 2012 she acquired the 151.8 carat, retailers posted $ 14.9 billion. At the European Union had to 124.8 million carats. The third place is occupied by the United Arab Emirates — 59.7 million carats.

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