Russia threshed first million tons of grain

 Russia, the beginning of harvest this year for 10 days before they are due, threshed the first million tons of grain, the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Progress harvesting was discussed at the working meeting, which held a video conference, Agriculture Minister Nikolai Fyodorov.

Yield this year due to the abnormally cold winter and drought in the southern regions is 27.2 t / ha compared to 48 kg / ha in the same period last year.

 Harvesting is planned for more than 54 million hectares, including clean grains and legumes with nearly 45 million hectares. In the harvest of 132.3 million will be used combine harvesters, which is 1 million less than in previous years.

According to the forecast of Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, the gross grain harvest this year will reach 85 million tons against 94.2 million tons in 2011.


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