Russia will equip the fighter of the fifth generation T-50 with the latest weaponry

Russia will equip the fighter of the fifth generation T-50 with the latest weaponry
Russian fifth generation fighter T-50 (also known as the PAK FA — promising aviation complex tactical aircraft), because of which the United States recently announced the impending loss of leadership in the technologies of "stealth" will receive the latest missiles. On the creation of works Corporation "Tactical Missiles", reported "Interfax" on Wednesday at the Paris Air Show in Le Bourget suburb CEO of Boris Obnosov.

According Obnosov, now all the complexes, which are registered in the tactical and technical requirements for the PAK FA are practicing in a corporation in different stages. "For a weapon left on state tests, state tests somewhere we even finished and is now engaged in preparing and working off the first production batches," — added the CEO.

As stressed by Boris Obnosov program to create weapons systems for the T-50 is compatible with the work on the fighter and is divided into two stages. The first phase will last until 2014, and the second will start from 2015. At each stage will be the improvement of weapons systems. In the case of missiles "air-air" program involves the gradual increase in flight range, greater accuracy, the improvement of performance.

CEO of the corporation said that the developer of the fighter — the company "Sukhoi" and representatives of the "Tactical Missiles" regularly hold joint meetings to coordinate their actions in this direction. It is assumed that the weapons should be ready by the time of delivery of the fighter into production.

Recall, the first flight of the PAK FA took place on January 29, 2010 in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. This fighter combines the function of a fighter and attack aircraft. It is equipped with a fundamentally new avionics integrating the function of "electronic pilot" and promising radar with a phased antenna array.

In the inner compartment of the fighter can be placed as missiles "air — air" and class "air — surface". In the class "air — air" missile is a large and a small range, as well as medium-range missiles. In the class "air — surface" in the inner compartment can be placed anti-ship missiles, rockets modular general-purpose bombs and guided air-caliber 250 kg.

The aircraft can also carry guided missiles and bombs of various purpose caliber up to 1,500 kg on external sling.

49th Air Show at Le Bourget opened June 20 and will run until the 26th. The number of companies — participants of the event this year for the first time more than 2,100. In the flying program involves interior and Russian aircraft — Sukhoi Superjet 100, and amphibious aircraft Be-200.

The Russian exposition covers an area of 1,700 square meters. Inside involved 56 Russian organizations that have brought to France 262 names of military and civil purposes, including planes, helicopters and missiles. Russian warplanes presented only in the form of models.

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