Russian agricultural producers exempted from taxes for an indefinite time

20 September 2012 10:32 The right to non-payment of Russian agricultural producers exempted from taxes for an indefinite time. Text: Roman Lialin State Duma adopted in the third reading of a law introducing a zero tax rate on income of agricultural producers. Preferential conditions acted before, but they are provided only to 31 December 2012. The approved document implies the extension of the initiative for an unlimited time. The authors of the amendments are convinced that this idea is designed to support the agricultural industry against the background of the country's accession to the WTO. As explained by the authors of the bill, introduced measures aimed at supporting the agro-industrial complex (AIC) due to the country's accession to the WTO. The initiative for agricultural exemption from the payment of taxes by deputies of the faction "United Russia". This is the introduction of so-called perpetual zero rate of income tax and other tax benefits for farmers. Agricultural producers have been exempted from corporate income tax in the past. However, this privilege is operated only until 31 December 2012. Now the ratification of the bill will make a zero rate of the tax code in the form of an indefinite norm. "By the law we supported those who are willing to build their business in rural areas. Next step: to turn into reality the old Soviet slogan on the removal of the distinction between town and country. Life in the countryside should be no worse than the city, "- said the Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Andrey Makarov. According to the authors of the bill, agricultural industry is now beginning to make a profit. In this light, the return of tax on profits is strictly would lead to a reduction in funds of companies that could be directed at increasing food production. "We understand that today, the village began to emerge profit — for many years they have suffered a loss, but today there profitability. This bill takes effect we previously temporary benefits provided to full liberation of peasants from the income tax, the tax code and make it the basic norm of the law, which states that this rule does not have time ", — said the MP. He predicted that the decision to abolish income taxes in 2012 will cost 16 billion rubles. In the future, this amount will increase. State Duma approved the bill also provides relief heads of farms from paying income tax in obtaining grants and subsidies from the budget. Before that similar measures in the legislation was not provided. In addition, from the document that the organization of the consumers, who have more than 100 employees will be entitled to a single tax on imputed income for certain activities prior to January 2018. Introduced changes also affect the value added tax on importation into the country of seeds and embryos of some species of livestock for farmers. The bill establishes this preferential rate of 10%. Chairman of the State Duma said that such VAT rate will apply to both the domestic and the imported breeding material. "This is really a great opportunity for the development of the village. At present, 10 per cent VAT rate is only valid for food and public goods "- summed up Andrei Makarov.

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