Russian chip for receiving digital television already exists

In late February, in Gusev, Kaliningrad region I took an international business conference on development and production of micro-and nano-electronics «Si-Forum 2011". The conference was organized "General Satellite Corporation" and by RC "Module" ..

The forum was attended by representatives of international companies Fujitsu, Renesas, Crocus Technology, Texas Instruments, as well as the Russian company "RUSNANO".
The main themes of the forum were the prospects of Russia's participation in the international division of labor in the field of micro-and nanoelectronics. The congress part of the forum consisted of presentations and discussions, the most pressing issues affecting the development and manufacture of electronics in Russia, and other relevant topics.

The first step in implementing the chosen strategy for the transfer of the organizers of the project contract manufacturing in microelectronics from Southeast Asia to Russia was signed in the framework of «Si-2011 Forum," a series of agreements between the companies Fujitsu, STC "Module" and "General Satellite Corporation" on the organization of production in the Kaliningrad region components for digital television. There, on the forum demonstrated the operation of the prototype SD / HD digital terrestrial receiver on the basis of the first national VLSI K1879HB1YA — decoder digital TV signal standard and high definition. developed by RC "Module". This chip — the first designed for the 90nm technology in Russia VLSI for digital TV

Projected receiver meets the required specifications and is ready for use in the Russian national network of digital broadcasting.

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