Russian driver on the podium WRC

More or less regularly keep track of events WRC — World Rally Championship. Very nice in this regard to observe the progress of the Russian pilot Evgeny Novikov.

Quite successfully starting the season in 2012, the fourth round of the championship, which was held from March 29 to April 1 in Portugal Evgeny Denisov went up to the podium, taking second place in the race and fifth in the championship.

It is difficult to imagine all the professionalism and skill of the driver, the vehicle and the reaction of feeling possessed by pilots WRC, the more "top" pilots. Therefore, to be among such masters — a very honorable.

On the second line of the table to finish third Eugene rose after the end of the race when the leader, Mikko Hirvonen, was disqualified on the results of the technical inspection.

Evgeny Novikov was only 21 years old, he appears in a pair of co-drivers Denis Giraudet, who 56 years. And at this stage of the championship of the difficulties encountered, it seems, only added to the crew of excitement. Here's what he says Eugene:

On the eve of the last day of the rally in our car, parked in a closed park, the roof leaked. Our helmets were in the car and helmet Denis Giraudet was completely wet, there has got a lot of water! At the service is, and no one checked before the start of the first of today's special stage it became clear that we did not work "peregovorka" — the problem was in the helmet Denis. He had to dictate to me through the earpiece, which we use on the road sections. He once stuck a microphone under the helmet, one hand holding this microphone and headphones, and the other — the transcript! However, he could not move his head, he could not lift his head to look at the road — he did not see anything. And he could not hear me, but I heard it. It certainly added to the additional complexities.

There were also other technical problems that result in a cost crew positions absolute. It is clear that the success of the race — this skill of the pilot, and the technical component and they are inseparable. Yet the fact that in Eugene as the pilot had the potential to reach the top row of the table finish, encouraging and respect.

Generally speaking, the case is unique, and for Eugene, and his co-driver, and WRC as a whole. And here's why:

  •  Evgeny Novikov became the first Russian pilots, who won the podium at the stage of the World Rally Championship.
  •  21-year-old Eugene became the youngest driver in the history of world rallying, inherited the podium.
  •  56-year-old Denis Giraudet became the oldest co-driver in the history of world rallying, inherited the podium

So you can only congratulate Eugene.

From the speeches of Eugene Denisova I personally remember here is a spectacular moment in Rally Finland 2009:

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