Russian experts involved in restoring the health of astronauts after long-term operation in orbit, offered their development for examination and treatment of common patients.

Doctors have found that about 450 thousand of our compatriots suffer an ischemic stroke, one of the consequences is that the coordination of movements. The same happens sometimes after traumatic brain injury. A recovery is usually delayed.

At the Institute of Biomedical Problems, Russian Academy of Sciences (IBMP), which are engaged in restoring the health of astronauts after a long stay in zero gravity, have created a simulator base load "Corvo." Patient's shoes in the likeness of shoes with pneumatic chambers inside. They raise and lower the pressure on the heel and metatarsal region of the foot, reproducing the load during walking. In this case, the brain, taking cues, remembers what you should do. Healing method is simple, it does not need specialists and equipped room, so "Korvitom" can be used in any hospital and at home on their own.

Experience examination of the cardiovascular system of astronauts for the detection of predisposition to certain diseases handy IBMP and staff in the development of hardware and software "Ecosan" for automated monitoring of the health of the population.

The cause of most diseases are hereditary, environmental effects, infections. Not the last role and way of life is determined by what we eat and drink, feelings and behavior — some are always active, while others prefer to be like Oblomov.

For a survey of all patients with a 6-year-olds in the IBMP developed technology "Navigator health." She served as the basis for the achievement of aerospace, preventive and sports medicine. According to the two dozen indicators and surveys established health, hidden reserves of the body, the physical data. For example, children 6-13 years of determined height, weight, width of shoulders, chest size, shape of the foot. For those who are older — measured blood pressure, heart rate, visual-motor response, and more. The results entered into the computer and compared with the reference for every age, to give advice to physicians and patients — how to change for the better lifestyle.

In pictures:

1) Therapy load simulator on the foot, "Corvo", developed in the Institute of Biomedical Problems.

2) After a standing jump on this "mat" with a focus determine the physical capacity of the patient.

3) The original device is brought to the IBMP vertically open palm of the test and released. At the place where it was possible to catch a device, set the speed of the visual-motor response.

Igor Boechin, photo Yuri Yegorov

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