Russian factory Toyota Camry began exporting cars in Kazakhstan

Petersburg factory "Toyota Motor Manufacturing Russia" is now beginning to export cars Toyota Camry Russian production in Kazakhstan. For the Kazakhstan market, "Toyota Motor Manufacturing Russia" will produce cars with petrol engines of 2.5 and 3.5 liters, set 6-stupechatoy automatic transmission.

As the president of "Toyota Motor Kazakhstan» Shingo Kato, the benefits of cars Toyota Camry, made in St. Petersburg, to customers in Kazakhstan — is the presence of vehicles at dealerships in more, shorter delivery times and a more affordable price. Initial sales in Kazakhstan will be about 2 million cars a year, "Toyota Motor Kazakhstan" expects a further increase in sales as demand grows.

"Cars Toyota Camry, made in St. Petersburg, has gained popularity in Russia and Belarus, and now we are going to meet the demand of customers in Kazakhstan. We hope that the output of Russian cars Toyota Camry into a new market and create additional opportunities for the development of Toyota in St. Petersburg ", — said General Director of the" Toyota Motor Manufacturing Russia "Matsunaga Yoshinori.

St. Petersburg plant produces Toyota cars Toyota Camry with December 2007, and in November of last year the company started production of a new, seventh-generation model. Since September 2012, in response to a growing demand for model Toyota Camry among Russian buyers, the plant "Toyota Motor Manufacturing Russia" went on two-shift work schedule. Its production capacity is currently 50,000 cars a year. Sales of Toyota Camry in Russia in January-August-2012 increased by more than 53% to 22,683 vehicles.

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