Russian girl X-Ray made a splash in London




Girl of Mordovia with a unique "X-ray" vision, made a splash in London. After the British journalists learned about the unique child, with her newspaper contracted by Sun, and now the girl to be in a British laboratory examination.

Natasha Demkina first felt her gift when she was 10 years old. One day she told her mother about what's inside the human body. The girl did not know the name of many organs and called kidney beans, and intestines — corrugated hose. The frightened mother turned to experts. At the doctor's Natasha suddenly told about the structure of his body. Then the doctors were confused.

According to Natasha, she has two views. One ordinary, like all normal people, and another that allows her to see the man through and through.

The girl is able to "see" the organs, to determine their status, "see" any cell that recognize the bacterium, a virus entered the body. On the second "vision" she switched at will, but after long sessions in her bad headache. Himself a young psychic or "watch" or can not be treated, says "Capital C".

Tatiana Demkina anomaly daughter tried to hide, but soon the crowd pushed her suffering. Once approached by a woman who could not conceive a child over 9 years. Natasha agreed to help, and in due time she gave birth to a boy. But the happy family did not invite the girl to even look at the baby. Most schoolgirl hurt just indifference of those she helped.

Natasha dreams of becoming a doctor to lawfully engage in a matter of life and to save patients. Her mother has repeatedly appealed to the experts so that they confirmed the gift of her daughter.

For example, the Children's Regional Hospital N1 schoolgirl showed a little girl suffering from a whole bunch of diseases. Natasha described a diseased organ. Her diagnosis came in line with the survey data.

In the Republican TB dispensary showed her sick with tuberculosis and cancer. The girl said that women do not have cancer, and six weeks later the doctors admitted the mistake in diagnosis. Soon the sick and healed of tuberculosis.

Last experiment took place in the medical unit "Orbit" when computed tomography confirmed the presence of the male brain tumor, which "saw" Natasha. Each time the doctors recognized the extraordinary gift of schoolgirls, but refused to make it official.

As a result, the ability of Natasha attracted the attention of the British media. In the London newspapers published a few notes, and then the girl started to Mordovia real hunt.

Local journalists who wrote about her, began to receive calls on behalf of the representatives of the British press. A British journalist told that on January 23 Natasha flew to London. Supposedly it has entered into a contract newspaper Daily Express, according to other sources, the contract entered into one of the richest "yellow" newspapers UK Sun, which operated through the Daily Express.

One of his points of the contract — a survey Saransk schoolgirl in a scientific laboratory.

"We have long concealed the gift of her daughter — said Natasha's father Nicholas DEMKIN. — But it unique yet" came out "to the outside, then our family was attacked journalists. The phones start ringing, even came with NTV. Local newspapers also wrote about it a lot, although some articles have brought us a lot of grief. "

As a result, according to Nicholas Demkina, she contracted the British, for whom it is to spend two weeks in London.

"I'm happy that her daughter has been so successful. Ordinary person and I do not have any psychic powers. Himself often resort to its services, the last time she told me," brought "sand from the kidney," — he said.

Meanwhile, according to "Capital C", officials from the Ministry of Health of Mordovia staged a "disassembly" doctors who conducted experiments with Natasha. One newspaper even appeared material where the girls were put forward to the ridiculous charges.


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