Russian grain exports exceeded 3 million tons per


According to the operative data of the Federal Customs Service, the export of grain (including corn flour equivalent) in July and the first week of August is on the schedule is a record, surpassing the mark has a 3 million tonnes

The export structure is dominated by wheat exports which amounted to nearly 2.9 million tonnes list of buyers with a noticeable margin led by Egypt and Turkey, bought by more than 0.5 million tonnes followed by Kenya, Italy. The top five leading buyers of Russian wheat Israel.

Our experts point record shipments of wheat in Spain, which in previous years favored cheaper Ukrainian wheat.

Another feature — a dramatic expansion of the geography of deliveries. For more than 40 countries that have become buyers. Russian wheat has returned not only to traditional markets, but entered on the remote, such as Mauritania, Nigeria, Peru, Rwanda, Ecuador and others.

Quite significant was and barley exports. Only in Saudi Arabia was delivered 150 tons

Also resumed exports of maize and even rye.

On the back of record exports of grain, flour export, compared with the last months of the previous season 2010/11 has decreased as expected, especially sharply in Azerbaijan. Tunisia remains the largest country of destination. At the same time expanding the geography of deliveries. Russian flour began to arrive in countries such as Indonesia, Kenya, North Korea, Moldova, UAE, Thailand.

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