Russian ground forces have acquired modernized MLRS

Land Forces of the Russian Federation have bought the state defense order modernized MLRS (multiple rocket launcher).

"For the Army Artillery and Rocket Forces in 2011 under the state defense order has already purchased more than 30 MLRS" Tornado-G. "This new model — a deep modernization" Castle. "It is capable of hitting targets more quickly, at a greater distance with improved accuracy," — ITAR-TASS quotes Lt. Col. S. Vlasov, the official representative of the Russian Ground Forces.

"MLRS" Tornado-G "is equipped with a variety of automated systems, including — sighting and navigation, as well as equipped with more powerful ammunition," — he said. "Tornado-G" is equipped with a 122-millimitrovymi Rockets. The firing range — 90 thousand meters. "Tornado-G" on the combat effectiveness of the superior "Grad" by 2.5-3 times.

S. Vlasov also said that Colonel-General Alexander Postnikov, Commander of the Army, a group of officers on December 31 went on a working visit by defense companies Tula. During that visit, work will be done at FSUE "SSPE" Fusion ". Commander acquainted with further development work on the" Tornado-C "and" Tornado-G ".

"During the trip, Postnikov visit of the research institute" Arrow "to discuss the development of radar technology," — said Vlasov.

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