Russian protivovertoletnoe device

At the last forum TVM-2012 PCF "GkNIPAS" introduced another modification protivovertoletnoy installation. It is learned from a representative of the PCF "GkNIPAS" SSP at this time finishing pass state tests. Indeed, they have already been completed, the tests have been successfully performed, it is necessary to wait for the signing of the act of state acceptance.

It will soon be resolved the question of the acquisition of Russian military department protivovertoletnyh devices. Now we are talking about 200 copies.

The principle of operation of the device — the kinetic effect on the object. The device uses to destroy targets kinetic mines, a copper shell with an explosive. Undermining of mine comes from the acoustic sensor, and then a shock mass with velocity up to three kilometers per second.

At such a speed weapon, you can not do without pre-emption purposes. The impactor mass are able to sew through armor plate up to 12 mm thick with an effective range of 100 meters. Such devices are encouraged to use on the likely directions appearance enemy helicopters, established by the type of minefield. Protivovertoletnoe device closes the gap of military air defense systems, which are of limited use at low altitudes.

First SSP appears on the forum "TVM-2010" and in recent years it thoroughly redesigned and conducted a series of tests, which ended in the state tests in 2012. Now the SSP has export passport, work underway to prepare the device for mass production. The main purpose of the SSP: — protection of objects of civil and military helicopter from enemy attacks — protect coastal areas exposed to possible enemy helicopters — lock GDP and the likely locations based enemy aircraft — a psychological impact on helicopter pilots, causing them to climb. SSP operates at low-flying targets. Acoustic sensor detects an approaching helicopter SSP enemy at a range of 400-1000 meters and activates the device. The device fires a munition warhead which may carry from one to several minutes. SSP itself provided an independent source of supply that can support the device in standby mode, up to 6 days. SSP has several variants, the first sample submitted was designed as a stand-alone device, like a smaller copy of the radar with multiple warheads on a single platform.

Presented at the 2012 TVM model protivovertoletnogo device platform has one ammo (mine) with SFBCH. The main characteristics of the SSP: — detection of targets 400-1000 meters — speed targets up to 100 m / s — a destructive one mine up to 150 meters — warhead — block of snaryadoformiruyuschih charges (min) — Penetration — 12 mm at a distance of 100 meters — the rate of submunitions to 3 kilometers; — combat activation of less than 15 seconds — setting — manual and automatic. Manual — 5 minutes, automatic — with the vehicle — the affected area — upper hemisphere — export version features a reduced performance of detection of 400 meters and the speed of the detected target of up to 80 m / s.

Developer FKP "GkNIPAS" — a major aviation ground of the Russian Federation with its infrastructure. Available laboratory and experimental facilities have allowed him to carry on and full-scale battle-tested aircraft armament, missile systems and systems, aerospace systems in the earth, and man-made environments.

In addition to the SSP, the company is not the first year is SFBCH for Kh-25ML and shots GSH-7W for RPG-7W with amazing elements penetrating action.

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