Russian scientists have created a laser to drug search


The device, which was created by scientists from the Scientific Center in Chernogolovka a Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Igor Kukushkin, is fundamentally different from their foreign counterparts. NEW national science allows through glass and plastic determine the composition of the liquid instantly identify counterfeit products and to identify drugs.

According to the developers, the prospects for use of the instrument are huge. He can find explosives, drugs and highly toxic substances at checkpoints, to carry out rapid analysis of water and air quality, to conduct clinical tests, to determine the authenticity of the gemstones. Fund "Skolkovo" allocated to the creation of the instrument grant of 30 million rubles.

Foreign appliances such uses to find drugs called Raman spectra. This laser beam is directed to a substance in which the molecules are excited by radiating a set of spectral lines. On them and judge on the composition of the substance. Russian device works in the same way, but much more efficiently and cost about half the price, says one of the developers Alexey stems.

It is important to note that the Russian analyzer has one fundamental difference from their foreign counterparts: to deal with all sorts of scams in addition to the Raman spectra, and it applies even fluorescent. They identify various counterfeit goods, drugs, counterfeit products in the chemical and petrochemical industries.

"For this fluorescent markers may be added to the plant medicinal powder, — explains the stems. — And then on the way out, say, in the plant or in the OTC pharmacies enlighten laser medicine and thanks to the markers to see faked it or not. And for the evaluation did not even have to disclose a box of medicine. Analysis of the substance with the help of two types of spectra can do it deeper. "

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