Russian scientists have developed a smart helmet with a navigation system

Young Russian company "Art Business", a resident of the Innovation Fund "Skolkovo", introduced to the new concept — motorcycle helmet with a navigation system based on augmented reality technology.

The project, called LiveMap is a navigational symbols (schematic representations of roads, points of POI, Arrow driving directions, traffic information and weather) that are displayed on the visor of the helmet through mikroproektop.

  The helmet will get headphones, a microphone for voice commands, feeding and light sensor to automatically adjust the picture brightness depending on the current conditions. The orientation sensor, gyroscope and digital compass will track the position of the head in space and change the image depending on the viewing direction.

The developers promise a simple and intuitive interface and comprehensive system of voice commands. Users will be able to request information about the "points of interest" — various public places, gas stations, hotels, etc. At the heart of a speech recognition system, applied in a helmet-navigator is the same engine that is used by Google and Apple. For safety helmet will be able to display the navigation map with only a modest speed.

The creators promise that the functionality of the helmet to be as high quality as its safety. The helmet will be created from the carbon at the company Lazer, the novelty will receive all the necessary safety certificates: U.S. DOT, ECE 22.05 European and Japanese JIS T 8133. Weight of the helmet is about 1.4 kg. Catering to LiveMap provide two batteries, which last for 8 hours, they will be charged via USB.

They promise that the first production models of "smart" helmets will be this fall, in turn, start of sales is scheduled for 2014. Cost LiveMap be 2 thousand dollars, now you can pre-order for 1.5 million Take advantage of the helmet will be the first inhabitants of the USA, Canada, UK and Australia as well as voice recognition system understands only English. By 2015, will be ready and Russian version.

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