Russian shipbuilders have established a record of Technology

World of Technology is set to record Mid-Nevsky Shipyard (SNSZ), which is part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC).

For the first time in the world are successfully implemented completely fill composite hull displacement of nearly 1,000 tonnes.

Until the end of this year, the Mine sweeper project 12-700 will be fully staffed and launched.

"The achievement of engineers and shipbuilders SNSZ hit not only in the Guinness Book of Records, but also to all the specialized international publications as an important milestone in the development of non-metallic hull technology in shipbuilding", — The president of "USC" Roman Trocenko, summing up the corporation's participation in the Fifth International Maritime Defence Show in St. Petersburg.


In turn, the general director of "SNSZ" Vladimir Seredoho said that the record was in the shop, where we are working on the housing project trawler 12700 commissioned by the Russian Navy. "It will be a super-modern ship with a fully carbon-fiber body, made by a composite infusion, outpacing its technical characteristics all current and future projects of its class in the world" — he said.

On the days of the IMDS-2011, for the first time surpassed the number of arrivals of ships and delegations (from 68 countries), the largest international naval show "Euronaval" (France), we had a few more events to delight the Russian shipbuilders and sailors. In particular, as explained Trocenko, signed an act of the state commission on the transfer of the one built by the order of the CIS corvette light of the "Lightning". Also, as far as is known, completed the technical part of the negotiations for the construction of two ships of project 20382 "Tiger" for the Algerian Navy, told Itar-Tass.

In addition, the continued Trocenko, USC and the Russian group of companies "Transas" signed here an agreement on establishing a joint venture, which will be engaged in equipping Russian ships with high-tech navigation systems, automation. "This alliance — he said — without a doubt, will not only enhance the technological level of domestic shipbuilding industry, but also the competitiveness of our products in international markets."

"Designed and manufacturing companies USC 20382 project — has become an international bestseller. By the number of queries in the class corvette it is the absolute leader in the world — said Trocenko. — We are pleased that 5-6 years ago, when laying the tactical and technical characteristics, we guessed trends in the naval market. "

"The huge, literally explosive interest has been shown to potential customers at the show presented by the USC project" Cupid "- a diesel-electric submarine of the new generation with the possibility of silos for vertical launch cruise missiles," — he added.

According to the President of USC, the total financial volume of transactions and agreements reached within the framework of the agreed or salon enterprises corporation, is 1.3 billion dollars. "Following MSVMS-2011, we can say with confidence — said Trocenko — that the St. Petersburg International Maritime Defense Show is now largely forms the shape of naval shipbuilding in the world, here are manifested all the latest trends, demonstrate the most important findings are the most important transaction, there are business and technology alliances, determined by the "weather" in the market of naval technology in the years ahead. "

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