Russian specialists have patented innovative technologies

The innovative technology used in the creation of the engine of the 5th generation of civilian aircraft have been patented.
Foreigners Alexander, chief designer of the Permian of "Aircraft Engine," said the Russian experts patented technology used in creating the engine compressor 5th Generation, "which is applied very vysokoperepadnaya, heavy-duty first step."
He is currently completing a full-size production of the compressor. In December, scheduled to begin his trial. You will then need refinement.

As another interesting example, a representative of the company "Aircraft Engine" called "serial technology ceramics second generation, which is obtained with an electron beam" and used "in the hot parts of the engine." "This technology is no one else in the world. Permian specialists fulfill its cooperation with Aviation Materials (Russian Institute of Aviation Materials). Without it we can not do, "- said the foreigners.

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