Russian supercomputers will be sold in the U.S.

Manufacturer of supercomputers "T-Platforms' registered a company in the United States and preparing to enter the highly competitive U.S. market. Russian vendor hopes to attract customers for whom the name of the manufacturer — it is not the first priority.

"T-Platforms' decided to enter the U.S. market supercomputer. The representative office will be opened in California, told CNews Mikhail Kozhevnikov, commercial director of "T-Platforms." The company is already registered in the U.S. entity and looks for office room. For the local market "T-Platforms" expects to attract one of the local system integrators or distributors.

A few months ago, the Russian supercomputer company entered the European market by opening an office in Germany, where to date has carried out several deliveries. One of the reasons for Europe called the fact that the company was "closely" on the domestic market: a "T-Platforms," it was estimated at $ 100 million, and their share — 85%. Another goal was to maintain the level of competitiveness of its development, as the European market is more advanced and promising.

The decision to continue its expansion in the U.S. "T-Platforms' attributed to the fact that at the last conference in September in San Jose users a number of American universities and research laboratories have shown considerable interest in their new development based on the latest GPU from NVIDIA — blade platform TB2 -TL.

At the moment, according to Kozhevnikov, has already received a number of pre-orders for U.S. customers of the platform in 2011, the greatest interest in the decisions of the Russian vendor in the commercial sector are showing companies operating in the fields of oil exploration, and financial services.

In "T-Platforms" recognize that, in general, to work in the United States will not be easy — the market of high-end and mid-end systems is divided between the major local vendors — IBM, HP, Cray, Dell, and Sun, and in the public sector, for example, by the well, there are legal restrictions on the purchase of foreign-made systems for use in a number of industries.

However, the "T-Platforms' hopes that will find its niche in the American market. "In the U.S. we see a layer of customers for whom, in the first place, is important to the efficiency of application-specific system solutions and innovative, and the manufacturer is of secondary importance", — said Kozhevnikov. In the example of commercial director "T-Platforms" has led major research centers that attracted primarily the design of their systems, as well as its performance computing density and energy efficiency.

U.S. public sector is really limited to the preference in favor of domestic producers, but there are no formal barriers to work with this segment through a local partner, Kozhevnikov says: "It can be as small integrator and one of the major manufacturers — we are considering different options."

The U.S. market is much larger and more flexible European and Russian, according to the "T-Platforms." "If Russia still have to explain the benefits of using supercomputers, and in Europe — must interact with the centralized state programs of LDCs and to optimize the price, in America the main thing — the technical advantages of solutions, mostly — Application acceleration, so we have to a certain extent counting on the fact that our products will "sell themselves", — says Elena Churakova, Marketing Director "T-Platforms."

Market share, which in the long term the company would take a supercomputer to the U.S. market, in the "T-Platforms' difficult to forecast, citing the fact that a lot will depend on the first steps on it. The company believes that the success of the new market should facilitate the correct selection of partners and schemes of work with them to ensure short delivery times and an active sales system, which will include both Russian and American experts.

Recall that a month earlier decision to enter into the capital "T-Platforms" took Vnesheconombank. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but it was reported that the funds will be spent on the development of design centers and promoting its development in foreign markets.

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