Russian weightlifters have proved that they are the strongest in Europe

Russian national weightlifting under the guidance of new head coach Alexander and Alexander Venkova Vidov played brilliantly at the European Championships, winning 8 gold medals out of 15 and confidently took first place in the unofficial team standings.


MOSCOW, April 15 — R-Sport, Alain Shilov. The Russian national team in weightliftingunder the guidance of new head coachesAlexander VenkovaandAlexander Vidovplayed brilliantly byEuropean Championships, won 8 gold medals out of 15 andconfidently took first place in the unofficial team standings.

At the tournament in Tirana, the Albanian Russians won 12 medals, 8 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze. Second overall was the team of Azerbaijan — 5 medals (2 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze). Third place went to Ukraine — 5 medals (2 gold, 1 seebro and 2 bronze).

Only positive reviews

European champions in the Russian team were:Oleg Chen(69 kg)Dmitry Hamsters(Up to 77 kg)Apti Auhadiev(85 kg), David Bejanian (105 kg)Ruslan Albegov(More than 105 kg)Marina Shainova(63 kg)Oksana Slivenko(69 kg) andHope Evstyuhina(75 kg). Silver medals were won:Svetlana Cheremshanova(53 kg)Rinat Kireev(94 kg) max of the neck (105 kg). Bronze medalist was Anastasia Romanov (75 kg).

"I am very pleased with the performance of the team. All the guys did what they could, as everyone tried. Number of medals speaks for itself here. I am happy not only for his team, but also for women, too, for his colleague Alexander species, he also it worked, "- said by telephone Venkov" R-Sport "immediately after the competition.

"Estimates can only be positive. Statement gorgeous, especially the men's team. Many gold medals and so many positive emotions guys brought to the fans on this European Championship. Sincere congratulations to all the coaching staff and all the guys. Possible for each to walk and speak only all the positive no rough cons do not see, "- said in a telephone conversation with the correspondent of the" R-Sport "Olympic championDmitry Berastau.

However, the vice-president of the Weightlifting Federation of Russia (FTAR) expressed regret that not all athletes were able to show their strength. "It is unfortunate that there were failures in the same(Tatiana) Matveeva(69 kg). Young Albert Sayakhova too sorry (ranked fourth in the category up to 85 kg), it is clear that he has not yet recovered from the youth championship. Knowing his potential, he could claim the silver and bronze ", — added the birch bark.

Men's team performed brilliantly

© RIA Novosti. Alain ShilovOleg Chen

The first of the Russian men's team played at Euro 24-year-old Oleg Chen in the weight category up to 69 kg. After a bad season last weightlifter set himself the task of winning the gold. A year ago at the European Championships in Turkey Chen received a score of zero, and then did not get into the national team for the Olympic Games, healed injuries. But this time, weightlifter was able to prepareadequately addressed in the six approaches and two exercises lifted 331 kg, beating Azerbaijani Sardar Hasanov 5 kg.

The head coach of the men's team Russia Alexander Venkov notedthat Chen is one of the most promising athletes team.
"Great performance: six approaches, nice, no fuss. This guy has long earned the first place. Finally, he won something at the adult level," — he said.

Sam Chen now sets the task to win the world championship in October, but for this it must be added to the results, I'm sure Berastau. "In order to adequately perform at the World Cup, to fight for the gold, Chen should add in physics. His main thing — to collect physics and keep yourself injury-free, then he will fight for the World Championship gold," — said vice-president FTAR.

A day later,Gold Championship team brought Russia Dmitry Hamstersin the weight category up to 77 kg with a score of 351 kg (161 kg in the snatch, 190 kg in the clean and jerk).

Great expectations of the coaching staffjustified the silver medalist of the 2012 Olympic Apti Auhadiev. According to the double-event 20-year-old weightlifter score of 388 kg (173 +215), which could become the "gold" of the Games (where was the best indicator of 385 kg). Auhadiev severely beat runner-Bulgarian Ivan Markov — 375 kg (170 +205). The fourth was another Russian Albert Sayakhov — 367 (165 +202), who could fight for a medal, but failed began his speech, unable to cope with the two approaches in the snatch.

"Auhadiev delivered just fine. He's the leader of the team. Evident that he scored just a crazy shape. Huge potential, the potential of visible and shows that he can still improve. At the World Cup, maybe it will storm the world record," — said Berastau .

Russian Rinat Kireyev won the silver medal in this new category— He moved from 85 to 94 kg and in Tirana on the amount raised snatch 389 kg (173 kg in the snatch and 216 in clean and jerk), defeated by Azeri Intigam Zairova — 396 kg (180 +216).

Another promising weightlifter David Bejanyan for many unexpected time to recover for the European Championships. In October 2012, he was injured at the Cup of the President of the Russian Federation, and the forecasts were not very comforting, but the athlete managed. Bejanyan proved that he is a leader in Europe in the category up to 105 kg,typing in the total amount of 411 (181 in the snatch + 230 clean and jerk) kg, 7 kg ahead of his compatriot Maxim Shejko(184 + 220), which became the silver medalist.

On the final day of competition in the weight category of over 105 kgRuslan Albegov defended his European title, winning in a difficult struggle. In sum, Russian lifted 442 kg (195 to 247 in the snatch + clean and jerk). The same overall result showed and Ukrainian Artem Udachin (200 +241), but he got the silver because it is heavier than the Russians almost 14 kg.

Leaders of the women's team fell short of expectations

Russian women's team at the tournament are incomplete. Got injured wristTatiana Kashirina, which, after the games are going to storm the world records in Albania. She decided to keep for the Universiade in Kazan. For the majority of the leaders of the women's team championship of Europe has fundamentally start.

© RIA Novosti. Maxim Bogodvid|Buy this imageMarina Shainova

Beginning of the championship with a victory in the women's team Marina Shainova. According to the results of two exercises she showed the best result — 235 kg, severely beating grinders Milken became the second maneuver (217 ky). Shainova previously won the European championship in 2005-2007 and 2011. For a weightlifter this championship was very important because of the recent failures. Last season, she lost a full-time duel Svetlana Tsarukaeva (Games silver medalist, 2012) and did not get to the Olympics in London.

After the defeat in the fight against Tsarukaeva still at the World Cup in 2011, where she was only 6 minutes, Shainova thought about retirement.

The most titled Russian weightlifter Oxana Slivenko the tournament went without special training behind him, andbecame a European champion for the sixth time in a row and the fifth,
in two exercises weight lifting 257 kg (112 +145). Another Russian Tatiana Matveeva dropped out of the fight for the medals, unable to take the weight in the snatch.

European Championship was the first launch after the failure at the 2012 Olympics for Hope Evstyuhinoy.Russian has won in the double-event score of 278 kg (123 +155).

The types of wreaths and coped with exam

© RIA Novosti. Vladimir Astapkovich|Buy this imageAlexander Venkov

For the new head coach of men's and women's national teams of Alexander and Alexandra Venkova Vidov European Championship was the first test —Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko approved their nominations before the trip command to Albania.

In the previous European Championships in Turkey in 2012, the Russian team took 5 gold medals and 11 in total but at the 2012 Summer Olympics was left without gold, and then lost their jobs former national team coach David Riegert and Soltan Karakotov.

"Even if the team performed poorly, nothing could be said to throw stones in the direction of Venkova and species. Should understand that this is not an indicator European Championships and next year will not be revealing. This bombardment of the young." Bombardment "of the coaching staff. But already two years before the 2016 Olympics will have already showing results, then we will see if it will work to put together a team that will win the gold medal at the Games in Brazil ", — concluded the birch bark.

Particular attention is drawn the situation in the Russian national team at the European Championships. Live video of the warm-up room were confirming a great atmosphere. Even athletes in one category supported each other. At this point, paid special attention Berastau.

According to the vice-president FTAR, the results of the European Championship and the work of the coaching staff in Albania showed that "the Russian team led by new trainers moving in the right direction." "In all of this team were supporting each other, rejoiced. This thing that we have learned from this European Championships and in the future this friendly atmosphere to carry on, then it will be a great result — the gold medal at the Olympics," — he said.

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