S-400 confirmed the statement DATA

S-400 confirmed the statement DATA
More than 40 pieces of equipment Forces aerospace defense, which took part in tactical exercises on Ashuluk range in the Astrakhan region, arrived at the same point in the deployment area of ​​Dmitrov near Moscow, said a representative of the press service of the Defense Ministry and disk imaging on EKR Colonel Alexei Zolotukhin.
«During combat tactical training anti-aircraft missile systems S-400» Triumph «in the criteria for complex interference environment, spent the night firings from the stowed position and a specially equipped GMD. They successfully killed the target missile type «arquebus», «Snipe» and others that mimic ballistic and cruise objectives imaginary enemy «- said A.Zolotuhin.
According to him, during July and August in tactical exercises attended by about 800 military troops ASD. Division conducted maneuvers with live firing anti-aircraft missile systems S-300 «Favorite» S-400 «Triumph» air defense missile and gun complexes «Armour-C.» They struck with precision around 50 conventional air targets, more than 20 target missiles like «arquebus», «Swift» and other targets, simulating high-altitude, low-altitude and ballistic targets across the spectrum of heights and speeds.
Defense Ministry spokesman said that the criteria for the creation, very close to the fighting, troops commanded by EKR simulated combat environment options different levels of difficulty using conventional enemy of the whole complex air and space attack.
The system can selectively work with the introduction of several types of missiles, speaking different weight and size, and features a range of start-up, creating a layered defense. Full deployment time from traveling state funds and bring the system to combat readiness is 5 minutes.
S-400 «Triumph» has more than double in comparison with The advantage of own predecessor — the famous S-300 system. Ability «trehsotki» hitherto far exceed its potential zabugornogo analogue — South American complex «Patriot».
Municipal tests air defense system and TMD-400 «Triumph» was successfully completed in 2003. And on August 6, 2007 the first regiment of atonement for combat duty.

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