Sand Flea — a new wheeled robot intelligence the U.S. Armed Forces

The American company «Boston Dynamics», which is known for its unique development in the field of military bots, presented for field testing a new bouncing wheel boat for intelligence operations «Sand Flea». Boat got its name from a fairly well-known South American military insect «igger flea» — Sand flea. As lively layout, Sand Flea can jump high enough. Precision jumps brought in bot to the limit, and the operator bot can quietly watch as he jumps on his team in the window located on the second floor.

Sand Flea - new wheeled robot intelligence the U.S. Armed Forces

Outside «Sand Flea» like a child's toy or on the chassis of the car from the children, and remembers nothing of their own brethren type «BigDog LS3» and «Petman». Technologically «Sand Flea» is the subsequent generation of «Precision Urban Hopper», which was presented on display for about 3 years ago. Jumping to a great height (10 meters) provides a small cylinder, which runs from the compressed-gas cartridge (carbon dioxide). These sprays are widely used in paintball weapons, guns pneumatic type and household siphons for the creation of soda water. 1st spray «Sand Flea» enough to carry about 2.5 s 10 jumps. "Sand flea"BATTERY provided for wheel movement. Mass of small reconnaissance robot — about 4.9 kg.

Very similar need boat in rocky, hilly or urban criteria. The military have plans to provide these robots peacekeeping units in Afghanistan. You can remotely control the robot at distances up to 250 meters. When moved in height and length, "sand flea"Conveys the information to the operator through the available on-board camera with a huge resolution. Very entertaining method for making robot jump — jump to the «Sand Flea» «rises" to the rear wheels via a specially nominated masts, with all this, "Platoon" cylinder. The calculation of the reference angle and the desired pressure in the hydraulic cylinder is set automatically depending on the input by the operator of the obstacle height. While jumping, orientation bot support integrated gyroscopes that help him to land on four wheels. The wheels are made of plastic bot Myagenko type. This is justified by the lack of landing huge bounces and skips.

On the field tests with the "sand flea" will go another bot — «RHex».

Sand Flea - new wheeled robot intelligence the U.S. Armed Forces

Outside is reduced robomul BigDog with a new principle of movement. To navigate the terrain «RHex» 6 uses the rounded toe and is similar to the movements of a cockroach. Put your feet on three axes. Boat able to move into different positions, can climb into the pipe and various shelters, conducting reconnaissance move there. Onboard artificial intelligence will enable the bot with the appearance of insurmountable obstacles and find a way around to reach this goal.

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